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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Black Sisters, stand tall

Black sisters, don't ever let them make you fall

Black sisters, you are the strongest of them all

Through the years of torment, through the years of stress

Black sisters, everyone knows you are the best

You've brought me into this world as my mother, and cared for me as

an aunt,

You've been the father I have never known, and the wonderful

thing, is that you did it all alone

Never did you need a helping hand because you knew you could do it,

all including the role of the absent man

You are a brave and powerful woman others aspire to be, and the

wonderful thing is that the beauty and strength you contain

also resides in me

Black Sisters I must applaud for you have endured it all.

The whippings, the beatings, the rapings - your babies

snatched from your nursing breasts to be auctioned off - how

inhumane. Never could we forget your long voyage abroad -

yes my Black Sisters - you've endured it all.

As though it was an unmentionable shame, your seeds of life have

brought this country fame. Never be ashamed or disgraced,

never let them change your face, for you

Black Sisters,

are beautiful, intelligent and wise

and are most deserving to be recognized!

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on Jan. 3 2011 at 7:36 pm
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Woah. This is really good. Not surprised it got into the mag.