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Your Many Important Assets

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Most teens act as if the whole world is one long funeral procession, just gliding through life with nothing to do, or see. They have no ambitions or goals. Stumbling aimlessly through life they waste time. They waste their time and the time of others around them. No one is important but me. That thought is the difference between America's youth now and America's youth thirty years ago.

When we were born, if we got lucky, we had two arms with hands for holding or carrying, and two legs with feet for walking and standing up. However, no one knew how to walk as soon as they were born, at least no one I've seen. If you did, please call me. But for us averages Joes', we had to be taught. We had to build up the strength to pick up that rattle or scurry across the room on our knees. But once we learned, Mom was always busy. Then eventually we learned how to walk, one step at a time. Go two steps, fall down... Go three steps, fall down...

Then it happened. We finally got the courage to go all the way across the room. Wow! You can stand, sit, and walk all by yourself. Now it's time to put those masterful skills to work. Before you know it, you're in school and now Mom is extra busy. Drive: to soccer practice, ballet class, or drama club, depending on the day of the week. As we move through the years Mom was, is , and will be rushing all around. Parents are always in a hurry! Just like holding things and walking, you'd think that their kids would pick up the hustle-and-bustle. Well, not so much. The average teen flops through life lolly-gagging. We have become too lax in this world. Visit the every-day public high school. What do you see? In class, the students are half asleep, and when they enter the hallways they walk as if they have dead lights dropping off of them.

So what the heck happened? Apathy happened. We've become self-obsessed and sovereign. So now, if you do visit that high school, when you need to get somewhere in less than five minutes, you'll have to march slow and steady to your own grave.

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