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Trevor White

March 12, 2009
By claysa diamond BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
claysa diamond BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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'Yo, Trevor we have another drunk bozo.' I turned around being greeted by my boss's face, Chad. I look around his face to where his abnormally large thumb is pointing. I see the usual male, rather small, very drunk, trying to pickup on a girl who is way out of his league. This time not only is the girl way out of his league, but she is my fianc'. Her name is Rachael and she is the most stunning girl you will ever meet. I strut over there eyeing this guy like he is my prey. I think it is pathetic the way men get drunk and use the corny pick-up lines. Like honestly being the bouncer in this bar, you hear a lot of them. For instance there was this guy, kinda like the one trying to pick up my girl, who was hitting on a barstool. He used the 'Hey, I don't have my library card, but can I check you out?' Honestly, I mean come on get real.

I arrive to the pathetic scene and ask the man to leave. He ignores me. I ask again this time touching his shoulder, I can feel him begin to get tense. I look over at Rachael, she seems a lot more nervous than annoyed or humored. The man turns to face me and I can automatically tell that he is way past his drinking limit. He has dark circles under his eyes so I assume he hasn't slept either. His eyes are so bloodshot I can't tell if he was looking at me or way out the corner of his eye. The man shrugs my arm off his shoulder and tells me he is fine. I laugh at his answer. I grab his arm, but this time he turns around so abruptly it seemed like he wasn't even drunk, this time I could definitely tell his eyes were locked on mine. I demanded that he leave or I would have to escort him out. He tells me to back the hell off. I go for both of his arms and the man reaches out and grabs a beer bottle. I try to calm him down but it seems like he isn't mad because I'm trying to make him leave, but like he really needs something and can't leave without it. I go for the bottle but he spins out of my control. The next thing I know I here a 'Crash' of a beer bottle, then Rachael scream 'No James!' then everything just goes black.


I can't believe what just happened. It's like this morning started out perfectly fine, now my soon to be husband is in the E.R, James came out of no where, and as of right now, I think my life and a few others are going to change. I don't know how James found me. He was never supposed to. I wonder how he knows, or what else he wants to know. This can not be good. I am sitting in the waiting room with James and Hannah, Hannah is sleeping on James's lap, while I'm waiting in front of the door for Trevor to wake up. Oh god this is not going to end well. The doctor comes out and tells me Trevor is awake. I see his head pop up, but then it goes straight back down. I walk in cautiously, wondering what Trevor thinks of this situation. 'What happened, why am I here, babe are you okay, who is that creep'you called him James? Who is that girl in there? Why -' I cut him off.
'Look, Trevor, we need to talk. I can't explain everything now but what you need to know is a lot to take in. First off James hurt you. Thankfully not to bad but you got 30 stitches in your head, he took a beer bottle to your skull. Luckily the back-up security got there before he could take another swing. That man, James, was my x-boyfriend. Actually we were supposed to be married about four years ago. About ten months before the wedding day I became pregnant, with that girl in there. Her name is Hannah. I told James I couldn't be with him and we couldn't get married. I did this because the baby, wasn't his. I never told him though, he wouldn't take it well.'. At this point Trevor had his mouth open and he seemed like he couldn't keep up with all of this. 'A month after the break-up James kept driving by my house. He became friends with all my guy friends, he kept track of everywhere I went. I had to end up changing my phone number, and I ended up moving. He still found me though. I eventually moved out of state, here to Colorado. I moved over night so he wouldn't know it. After I had Hannah I put her up for adoption. Somehow James found her. I let him have her hopping that if he had some part of, what he thought to be his past, he would leave me alone. Then I met you and I fell in love. I know I should have told you but I didn't want word to get out because James would have found us. A while into our dating there was a man killed. He was my last x-boyfriend. James had found out that Hannah wasn't his and hated the idea. The police said it was suicide, but I know it was him. He found me and wants to know who the father is.' Trevor glances out the door to look at the girl.
'Trevor, he will find out who the dad is and he will kill anyone who gets in his way. He doesn't know who it is but I'm telling you, that you need to leave, soon.'
'Babe, why don't you turn him into the police, and why do I need to leave she isn't mine and-'
'Yes she is'.
'Trevor, I know you can't believe this but Hannah is yours. It is a long painful story, but she is. I love you. I always will, but I want you to live, and be happy. I really do love you.' I took of my ring and placed it on his bedside table. I took his hand and held it for what felt like an eternity, I slipped a piece of paper into his palm. I gently let go and walked out, as I let a single tear fall from my helpless face.


I watched the love of my life walk away with a killer and my so called daughter. I lay there motionlessly, trying to put all these pieces together. It doesn't make any since. This morning I was having a good day. My daily routine, run on the beach, hit the gym, have lunch with my girlfriend, go home and hang, then go to work. There is no way something this weird could happen to a simple guy like me. I love Rachael and want to spend the rest of my life with her. All of a sudden there is a killer trying to find me, I have a daughter, and I have to leave my house. This seems so impossible.

Dr. Pinskee walks in with his clip board. 'Well Trevor, you seem to be in good shape to leave. Don't over-dose on any medication, and Advil should do you fine. If you have any questions you can call.'
'Thanks Doc.'

I crawled out of my deathbed and wondered over to the bathroom. I changed into my normal cloths and walked out feeling a little more relaxed. I look over at the side table and see Rachael's ring and the note she gave to me. I place the items into my pocket along with my keys, cell phone, and gum. I walk out of the hospital, now feeling those thirty stitches. Reaching for my keys to my white SUV, I come across the note. I hesitate to open it but do it anyway. It read '7676 E. Charlton St. go here. Love Rachael.' I climb into my car and stare at this address. For some reason this address seems familiar. Before I started the car I thought about the situation that had just happened. The biggest thing that kept crossing my mind, Hannah, my daughter?. I think back. Ah what did she say, Hannah was four? Four years ago I was in college. A lot happened then. I remember my best friend, Jeremy. I whip out my cell phone and call him up.
'Uh, yea, who's this?'
'It's Trevor White man, from CU.'
'Oh, man its been a while. What you up to these days?'
'Not much man, but hey four years ago, did I have a girlfriend, a serious relationship kind of girlfriend'
'Wow man, that was a long time ago, and you had a lot of girlfriends. Haha you know. Ummm, yea actually I think you did, her name was like Riley or Raquel or something.'
'Yea, sure, why?'

I hung up the phone and let my head rest on the steering wheel. Now that I think about it I can't remember much up to when I met Rachael. I don't think I met her in college though. Man this thing is way to intense. I put the car in drive and wheel out of the parking lot. I didn't even bother to stop at my house, I was going straight there. I needed answers. I pulled my lab top out of the back and searched adoption agencies. I mean they have to keep records. I come across an adoption agency called 'WE CARE'. I find the phone number and call it.
'Hi my name is Trevor and I was-'
'Trevor, I know who you are. I think you remember me, James. Stay away from my wife and my daughter.
'You sick creep, I'm going to find you and when I do-'

The line went dead and I dropped the phone. This is insane. How did he pick up the phone. This is bad.


James is gone. Hannah is with me, we are at the house already. I hope Trevor can find us. I don't know where to start. There is so much to tell him. Like how, Trevor and I went out for years and then college came around. We went our separate ways. Then I met James. I fell in love, until he started to be extra clingy. He wanted to know where I was all the time. I got a little freaked out after one of my friends, David, went missing. This was a week after him and I had hung out. I did a bunch of searches after that, trying to figure out more about James. I came across a website that had JAMES STINER on it. Stiner was James's last name. I opened it up and read an article on how he is paranoid. Two years before I met him he was put into an institution for continuous murders. After I read that I decided I had to get away.

I told James I was going on a business trip, and went up to CU to see Trevor. That night was a big mistake. I can remember hanging out with him at a party, a party at this house, and from there on, I guess it explains itself. I was just about to leave then I heard a huge crash. Everyone was laughing. I hustled over to the staircase and saw Trevor laying at the bottom. Blood coming out of his head. I heard cop sirens and I had to get out. If there was some way that I could be in the newspaper or television, I would probably never see tomorrow. I had to go home. I arrived home and was once again greeted by James.

A week or two later I found out I was pregnant. I had to leave James. He would have found out the baby wasn't his. It wasn't either, I had a test, it was Trevor's. I left James and met Trevor Four years later.

I turn around and my cell phone is ringing. I hesitantly pick it up.
'Rachael, where are you?'
'Rachael, I don't want to ask again.'
'Leave Trevor alone. Leave me alone, and Hannah, just get out of here you sick freak!'
'Rachael, I will find you. Don't worry, I will find Trevor to. I love you.'

I slam down the phone. Believe it or not I think I'm more paranoid than James right now. I hope Trevor is okay. He has to be, I love him.


I'm going down the highway now, just got out of the gas station. I got hungry. The sun is setting. The weather is getting colder, and I'm a little freaked out. The message I just got. Wow. That was unexplainable. I'm about five minutes from the house now. I can see it and it's like the closer I get the more I seem to remember. Finally I remember. That house was where I met Rachael. She was upset and scared. I feel in love with her again that night, then all of a sudden some kid got mad at me, once again a guy who drank way to much, he punched me right in the jaw and down the stairs I go. From there on everything is blank.
'Hi Trevor.'

I turn around scared as h***, and come to see James's face.
'Looks like it's your day to find out what it feels like to be hurt.'

I grab the steering wheel as James grabs my neck. I try to get him off, instead I loose control of the steering wheel. As I see the knife coming toward my throat, the car wheels right into a mountain.

Doctor Pinskee

I walk into the sterilization room to check on the patients in comma's. I hear an exceeded beeping. I turn around and notice that Trevor's heart rate monitor and it appears he is waking up. I call in my nurse, Maria, and ask her to call his family members. As Trevor starts to wake up it looks as though he is struggling. I go over to calm him and he tries to fight back. His eyes finally open and his pupils are extraordinarily large. He realizes what he is doing and lets go of me. He asks me what happened and I told him that he had been in a comma.
'How long?' he asked.
'Oh, about four years.' I walk out of the room leaving Mr. White to gather his mind.


A comma. For four years. Now this is unbelievable. I lift my head up and in the waiting room I see Rachael. She walks into my room and behind her sits James, and Hannah on his lap. Whatever just happened is happening again. Rachael begins the same speech she had said just two days ago. Puts her ring on the bedside table, and a note in my hand. There is no way this can happen again, I won't let it.

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XxXBella.AmoreXxX, That Small Suburb By Manhattan., New York
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Favorite Quote:
"But can you love someone, who doesn't love you back?"

" I'd rather laugh with the sinners, than cry with the saints"

whoaaaaa thts alll i hav to say :))

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ninjajump BRONZE, Harrisonburg, Virginia
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life is the greatest gift, but it is also the heaviest burdon

great..i hung on every word... write more like this.... Fantastic... read it like 3 times it was tht good


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'The problem is not that we aim to high and miss it, but that we aim to low and reach it'

this was fantastic. the storyline was gripping, i was hanging on every word.

please write more.

a sequal?