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January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

“Hey its time to go” said Jose. He wanted to leave the room anyways the musty environment never made him comfortable because he was always to hot or too cold. The problem was he didn’t have a choice to leave. Stay and he would be deported back to Mexico. He had always thought Mexico was a better place, anyways but he could not make as much money there as a drug dealer. Another reason he was being forced to leave because he didn’t want to trap himself. His bosses wanted him dead and when those people want a person dead they always get their way. To complicate things he was in love with a person they wanted dead to for the same overly simple reason money. “ Cant we stay a little longer” asked Maria.

“No, lets go now” shot back Jose as if she had asked him for money again when they were barely surviving as it was. Suddenly he sees a red dot enter the room. “Get down” he yells. Now he feels even more enclosed in the space that he is in. They duck as the as the window breaks as the mold from the walls ricochet around them. He makes a run for it not to the door but to the light switch, he flips it. He army crawls back to the window where his lower cowers in the fetal position. He needs to buy himself more time to figure out what he is going to do; he looks around for something to hide behind but finds nothing only a mat to sleep on, a clock, a table, and a stove. It is almost like he lives in a world frozen in time during the 1960s. With no technology and no luxuries to show for, He steals a look outside and sees the same overrun depressing and unkempt projects since he moved to the country and he does not spot the shooter. A shot is fired and a hole is put into the 40 some year old stove. His only source of income is lost in seconds, without his stove he cannot produce the cocaine that he waits on the streets daily to sell. “Fuck,” he curses under his breath. He had been careful up until this point, careful to cover up his tracks, never become emotionally involved and to always have an escape plan. He had been sloppy and owed debts he couldn’t pay because it’s never cheap to put food into another mouth no matter how well off you are. She had changed everything; before her he had been a narcissistic paranoid businessman who was a product of the barrio and of his environment. He glances at the clock and realizes he’s nearly out of time and has minutes to leave before they come to deport him. He’s in the same situation he promised himself he’d never be in and his only solution at the time is to hold Maria in his arms. He can either get out alive without her as he had been trained to do or he can risk it. He makes his decision quickly its not even a question in his mind. He quickly picks through his few possessions and grabs two things: his wallet and his cheap pay and go phone from Wal-Mart. His few other possessions would only weigh him down. No matter what happens I want you to know that I love you ok? “He says.
“Ok. I love you too” says Maria. He holds her hand and kisses her, he begins to run. Two shots ring out two bodies hit the floor.

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