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A Reflection of the Sun

July 19, 2013
By RozaB SILVER, Milpitas, California
RozaB SILVER, Milpitas, California
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I sat down on the couch downstairs in the living room to read a novel about a man who fell in love with another man's wife and decided to kill the man to be with the woman he loved. He had been gone from his home in Baltimore for a while to study abroad in Italy. When he came back, he moved back into his old house, next door to his best friend, Sam. On his third day back, he was invited over next door for a barbecue. When he got there, he noticed a beautiful woman unlike any other he had ever seen. She was slender with golden eyes, full lips, a small nose, and prominent cheekbones. But all of this was nothing compared to her hair: hair that was so golden it looked like it was a reflection of the sun. Hair so long that no matter how far away behind a wall she walked, it could still be seen blowing in the wind behind her. He walked up to her and they talked about everything worth sharing. Finally, a few hours later, his best friend steps away from the barbecue and walks up to the beautiful woman, putting his arm around her. Instantly, the other man feels a spark of jealousy and a bit of confusion. Sam introduces the woman as his wife, and instantly the man knows he must back off.
So, the man leaves and walks the few blocks back to his own home. A few days later, though, he sees the strikingly beautiful woman again and he can't help himself: he has to ask her to coffee. So, he does, and again, they speak of their lives for hours on end. Sam walks into the coffee shop after a long while, again putting his arms around his wife. Instantly, the man feels a pure hot rage, but knows he must leave the shop.
For a year, he keeps on associating with the beautiful woman until finally, he falls in love with her. And because he loves her, every time he sees Sam with her he instantly feels: jealousy, confusion, a pure hot rage, and an almost violent feeling. So, one day, the man decides to kill Sam so that he can have his beautiful woman all to himself.
As I neared the end of the novel, I decided to walk upstairs to finish it in bed. As I reached my room, I noticed Sam in the rocking chair.
"Hey, Sam, glad your staying here while the walls in your house are being fixed." I opened and closed a drawer, pulled out my knife, and cut his head off. After, I looked out the window, and saw a reflection of the sun following a woman's figure as she vanished behind a wall.

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