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The Suit Case

January 17, 2009
By Anonymous

My steps grow faster and my breathing lessens. The cold crisp kisses my pale face, harsh winds blow through the loose curls that hang from my head. There’s a man here in front of me. Did he see what happened? Can he smell the guilt that clings to me? Can he taste the blood that stains the shirt hidden beneath this coat? I want to get out of here a quickly as possible but the man here, he might know.
I’ll just make a run for it. I begin a slight sprint only to soon halt. The brief case! Of course! I almost forgot. If he even saw the suit case he would be suspicious, let alone look inside it. It was my secret to hide and no frumpy old man could know what it contained.
So many thoughts are racing through my mind. The cops would be getting to the apartment any minute and I’m only a few blocks from the remaining evidence. What am I to do? My eyes search for an answer but I can see nothing but the soggy gray that spews from the sky, and, this man. I’m suffering inside. Screaming to get out of this mess.
Suddenly, I can feel my fingers slide into my pocket and curl around the cold handle of my pistol. With trembling hands, I bring it out, deep breath, and target my next victim.

The author's comments:
this the preface to the book im writing.

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