The Darkness

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Fear shot through me. The thought of being alone in this house killed me on the inside. A strange figure flew by the doorway closest to me. I started to walk towards it, i don't know why, my fear paralyzed my brain. I had no sense of thought. I tripped over something; I didn't even bother to see what. I got up and just kept walking. Then I started jogging. I couldn't stop myself. Now I was running, sprinting. I couldn't stop. I kept yelling "no No NO!"
I sat up in bed.
"It was just a dream." My mother said. "Now go back to sleep." She said leaving the room.
10 Minutes went by. I saw a white figure floating in the corner of my room. I got out of bed. "It's midnight, I'm tired." I say trying to reassure myself. Walking toward the figure, I look outside, full moon. As I reach out to touch the figure I stop. Frozen. I try to scream, I can't move my lips. Then I'm back in my bed with a white figure in the corner in my room. I look at my clock, midnight. I start walking toward the figure. I look out my window, full moon.
"This can't be happening again!" I yell. I run for the door. I open it and, nothing, all black. I look out the window again, full moon."How is this possible!" I scream. "What's happening?!", "Someone help!" I look at the figure. "Stop!" It disappears, "What!?" My window disappears, "How?!" My walls, floor, bed, everything gone. "STOP!" Then I start falling. Nothing, endless darkness, until, gone.

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