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The Cursed Man:Part 1

March 1, 2009
By victoria panaro BRONZE, South Hempstand, New York
victoria panaro BRONZE, South Hempstand, New York
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Once upon a time, there was a man who was strange and did not like weird people who he did not know. He was also scared of people walking by his house. The people in the town thought he was cursed. He was an old man who lived alone in his house and did not make friends in the town; the people in the town called him Mr. Black. Mr. Black did not have any family, during the day Mr. Black sits by his window and watchs the people pass by his house, his daughter lived with One day I walked by Mr. Black's house as he was coming out of his house and he saw me walking by and I said, ''Hi my name is Victoria you must be Mr. Black'' he said, ''Yes I am Mr. Black''. I came close to him and said, ''I am the only living family that is left I am your daughter''. ''No, you can't be my daughter! You are not a Black, I am the only person left in the family!'' ''Yes I am all the family that is left all the other family are dead including my mother and your son''. He was in shock and angry, he said, ''that can not be true after I divorced your mother she was not sick''. ''A few years after you split up she got sick with cancer.''
''Your son got sick with leukemia.'' Mr. Black asked, ''who got my will?'' ''I was entitled to get the will when I was 18''. ''How old are you Victoria?'' ''I am 18 and I am entitled to have the will and the house and the money mom has in her bank account''. He was still in shock and angry. He said in an angry voice, ''I do not believe that you have everything in the will! Show me the will now!'' He stepped closer to me and I said, ''I have the will with me.'' I took the will out of my pocketbook and gave to him he read it and said, ''you are right you own everything in your mother's will''. He read it aloud, ''it says here that Victoria owns everything in Mary Black's estate it also says that John Black is also the father of Victoria Mary Alice Black until she is 21 years old and that John has to live in Mary Black's house on 557 Chester street so John has to leave his house where he currently resides at and live at 557 Chester street''. He stood a gap at the words on the pages of the will and put the will in his pocket and went into the house and gathered his belongings and said, ''Lets go to your mother's house now''. He got his car keys and started the car and he said, ''Get in the car now'' I got in the car and he drove down the block to the house and got out of the car and went up the steps to the house and found a note tucked under the door knob. I opened the note that said: Dear Victoria,
I hope you know that I am upset as you at your father and me divorcing I will explain everything when I arrive in a week from Boston with your step dad and brother and stepsisters


I stood in horror at the page. My mom is alive and she is remarried with a whole new family I am so angry that she never told dad or me that she got remarried. I went in the house and saw dad at the table and said, ''I have to tell you something,'' he looked up at me and said, ''what is it Victoria?'' ''She is alive and remarried with stepchildren and a new husband''. My dad was shocked and angry he said angrily, ''HOW COME SHE NEVER TOLD US!!!!'' I looked at him shocked that he would yell at me and it was not my fault that she got remarried. Dad asked,' Are you upset with the letter'' I thought about it and said, ''No, but shocked that she would not tell us'' Dad looked sad and said, ''Me too I am as shocked as you are about it'' '' I am going up to my room Dad'' '' Oh, Okay'' he said, I raced up to my room and sat down to think about what the letter had said it said that mom was coming back and will explain everything. A week later Mom came and explained everything and we all lived together and dad was not cursed anymore and everyone liked him and was not afraid of Dad and were his friends.

The End
Stay tuned for more when Victoria Black finds out more about her family & John Black's history with Mary Black before she was born and their terrible divorce. Victoria also meets two of her parents' friends they graduated high school with. One of them her father has a relationship with in The Cursed Man: Part 2'

Stay Tuned for more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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