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In the Darkness

July 22, 2011
By PrettyInside BRONZE, Deal, Other
PrettyInside BRONZE, Deal, Other
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“Goodnight honey.”
“Night mum.”
The door was closed and I rolled over and gazed into the darkness. The house was silent, but in such as way as it was waiting for something. It sort of freaked me out. I never was good in the dark. And the fear has never really left from when I was a lot younger. I could feel myself getting worked up; my brain was playing tricks on me. Just because you can’t see anything, doesn’t mean there is something there, I kept telling myself. I listened for the slightest sound, those that were hardly audible. There was nothing. I decided I should probably try and rest; it had been a long day and fussing can’t be good for anyone. I shouldn’t fret over nothing. I pulled my covers over my ears and felt encased in the warmth and security they provided. Soon I was gone, away where my thoughts drove me…
I bolted upright, rigid. Something had woken me, and not calmly but with a start. I could feel my pulse roaring through my body. My heart was working overtime. A thin trickle or sweat glided down my left temple. My eyes were stapled open, pouncing from corner to the next in my bedroom. I strained to see anything, but that didn’t stop me from trying. I could see nothing.
What was I doing? I was being silly. These things only happen in stories, not in reality. I breathed heavily, concentrating on slowing each gulp of air into its regular pace. I was still okay; my mind was just playing tricks on me. But that was when I noticed the flash of silver.
At that exact moment was when my heart skipped a beat. I froze, completely unable to escape. Goose bumps rose from my body. I let out a silent scream, but stopped when I realised no help was coming. I didn’t want to die, I wasn’t ready. What was this thing? And what did it want from me?
Well I was just about to find out…
A putrid stench hit my nostrils. The smell of rotting flesh accompanied by an indescribable odour that made me retch uncontrollably. It lingered in my nostrils hanging to every inch, until I was close to passing out. I was fading slowly until my senses were heightened. I had heard a scrape on my floor right underneath where I was perched. I then saw it. Like it had risen from the burning pits; from the home of the devil himself. His head was covered in thousands of razor sharp spikes. His body was muscular, but alien from any human body. He was oozing a glowing brown liquid from every inch of him; I was guessing it was poisonous. Without warning it darted for my right leg, showcasing its six inch fangs. I was dead, dead for sure.
I finally managed a scream. It chilled even my bones.
My bedroom door flung open and my mum appeared in her pink dressing gown.
“What’s going on?”
“T-t-t-there,” I said unable to come out with anything more, but pointing helplessly to my leg without daring to look at it.
“There is nothing,” my mum said calmly “you must have been dreaming.”
I peered down at my leg expectantly. But there was nothing. Relieved I let out a great sigh. It had all been a dream. Just a silly dream!
“I’m sorry for waking you mum,”
She left without another word and I was left once again on my own. But now to an overwhelming sense of relief. I settled down in my bed and closed my eyes.
That was when I felt the blistering pain in my right leg…

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