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Rejects: Part one

February 3, 2011
By angelambie BRONZE, Thunder Bay, Other
angelambie BRONZE, Thunder Bay, Other
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I looked at the reflection in the mirror, dark brown curly hair, pale skin and curious hazel eyes. I turned away in frustration as I left myself feeling even guiltier for my uncontrollable actions. My body began to ache, I was trembling. I look out through the window next to my bed peeling back a piece of the curtain. They would be home soon; I would have to clean up before they get back. My bedroom was a mess, glass covered the floor and a light trace of blood in the shape of a hand smeared the wall closest to the door. I could hear Paul yelling at me from down stairs , he was my cousin Nate’s friend and like most of my cousins friends he was handsome, with Blonde hair and deep blue eyes, as I walked down the hallway into the bathroom grabbing cleaner from under the sink along with a ragged old wash cloth before walking back into my room again. I peered through the glass again just to make sure no one was there. I started scrubbing the wall, replaying the memory of what had happened only moments ago. Until i heard them arrive. I heard Paul mumble something before walking out of the front door slamming it behind him. I ran to the window watching Paul stumble across the pebble driveway to Nate's forest green Chevy. Nate and his friends jumped out of the truck, watching Paul with a surprised look on their faces. They began talking, more like yelling, and then Paul pointed what looked to be his index finger towards my window. Kevin looked to me almost instantly, his expression enraged. I knew he had a bad temper but I had never seen him this upset before. I thought about running, if anything now was my chance, I closed the curtain before dropping the cleaner and cloth on the wooden floor. I started running through my bedroom door, the hall, then down the stairs. The door at the bottom of the stairs started to open the first I saw was Steven, but he wasn't going to stop me this time. I kept running knowing Steven was chasing after me, i passed the kitchen and was halfway through the living room before tripping on what seemed to be a vase in front of the TV. The floor broke my fall, I reached for the door only about a foot away from it, before hearing a large amount of laughter break out. I looked behind me, while stumbling to my feet; I could see Steven standing behind me. I tried to grasp the door handle but I was not quick enough, as Steven had already grasped hold of my left arm pulling me towards him. Before I could start to explain, Steven threw his right arm at me sending a sharp pain flowing across my left cheek. “What were you thinking?” he yelled “you could have killed Paul! “ Nate added. My vision became blurry, as they all stared at me, the lights faded and my vision turned blank.

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