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Good Trip Gone Wrong

February 21, 2009
By treading_on_9 BRONZE, Benalla, Other
treading_on_9 BRONZE, Benalla, Other
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The plane takes off. I am scared. It is my first time on a plane. We?re up in the sky flying along really fast. The sickness in my gut is finally going away so I sit back in my seat and relax and listen to music.

Three hours later?.
I?m finally there. We?re about to descend. We?re going down to land when 7 people jump out of there seats, stand up, pull their guns out, threaten to shoot some poor innocent people with a machine gun, and say ?Any sudden movement from any one, they will die.? Immediately all the people lower their heads towards the seats because they are scared and some kids start to cry. Four men stay in the area of the plane where we are seated, and the other three pull their guns away from the people?s heads, the other men walk off. They are walking towards the cock pit. One of the men has blonde hair. It is spiky and it looks like he had a lot of gel. He moves his gun from his belt and everyone hears a really big ?BANG!? He has shot out one of the windows; a giant gush of wind comes through the window and hits everyone in the face. The wind starts to slow down, and it is getting really cold now. One of the men with a pair of sunglasses on, hits the blonde-haired man in the back of the head and says

?You idiot! We will have to be here for a while and you put a hole in the window!?
The three men are near the cock pit. They barge through the door and put their guns up to the pilots head and yell at him to put the plane back up in the air and keep it flying. The pilot says no. Then the man shoots him in the leg and he screams in agony. The man with the sunglasses grabs the pilot by his hair pulls him off his chair and ties him up in the corner of the cock pit. The pilot will not keep still so the man shoots him in the other leg. The third man, who has black hair with red tips, grabs the controls. He can see the runway that we are about to land on. He pulls back on the controls as hard as he can. He is pressing nearly every button he can find. The front wheels come out as we are going to land. He is still pulling back trying to pull us back up into the air. The plane is nearly going straight through the air. ?CRASH!? we hit the runway. It is five kilometres down the track; the front of the plane lifts up then the plane is back in the air. Yes! We?re finally going back up.

We?re in the sky flying to Africa. Somehow the plane must have turned around. All of the people in the aeroplane are a little bit shaken up, as that was a shaky ride. A man who was about 35 years old stands up and says to the men,

?Why are you doing this to us? We are just poor innocent people who are trying to get to Iceland.?

?I don?t care what you say. Until I get what I want, you people aren?t going anywhere, so shut up before I shoot you as well, like I did to the pilot. Yes, that?s right; he did not obey my orders so I shot him two times!? The man sits down right away before he gets shot.

A lady stood up and asked ?What is it you want from us??

?Its not you people I want, it?s something on this plane and I?m not leaving until I get it.?
Behind the man speaking there was another man. He pulls his gun out and shoots at the roof and shouts ?Quiet!?
There now is a hole in the roof and no window. There are strong breezes all through the plane. Because he shot at the roof all of the oxygen masks have popped down out of the roof and landed on everyone?s lap. All of the people quickly put them on. It is really cold, and not just that, it has started to rain. There is strong wind and a bit of rain coming through the window and hole in the roof.

There is a wealthy looking man and his wife travelling on the plane and all their jewels and money are in a locked safe. Nobody can get into it, as it is made of solid metal with about six locks on it; the safe is down with the cargo in the cargo area.

The leader of the hijackers runs into the cabin and yells ?Come on we?re going.? Everyone assumes that the hijackers are leaving, but I didn?t I started following them to see where they are going. I?m right; they aren?t leaving; they are going down to the cargo area where the safe is. I am about four metres behind them. I don?t see this cupboard and I walked right into it ?bang!? I know they would have heard me so I open the cupboard door, hide in it with a vacuum, broom and some cleaning chemicals. The man walks down the corridor looking for who made the noise, while the others keep walking. He was getting closer; four meters? three meters? two meters? one meter?, he?s right in front of the door. He stops as if he can?t see anyone anywhere. I look through the key hole; he has a gun in his hand. I get a good stance and push the door right into him. I get him right in the middle of the head, and he falls to the ground. Leaning on the door I push hard. It opens; I put my fingers on his neck to see if he is dead. He is still alive. He just is unconscious. I push him into the cupboard and take his gun. I walk after the other guys. I find them! They were in the cargo area breaking into the safe.

They had four locks undone, that means two left. Once they have it open, they will take all the jewels and money. I see the men around the corner 1...2...3...4...5... There?s only 5 men in the cargo area. Two are missing. There?s one in the cupboard, and there?s one more somewhere. He must be flying the plane. I shoot at the men. I miss. I hit the lock on the safe. ?No.? The guy yelled ?Another lock undone.? They hear the gun shot and start walking over, ?Bang.? A shot fires from behind me. It missed me; misses the men and hits the last lock on the safe.
The men turn around, look at the safe and run over to it. The man in charge opens the safe, grabs the little bag of jewels and they bag all the money into a sports bag.

They grab some parachutes. Two of the men run past me, even the one that was in the cupboard. They grab the parachute and before I can shot, the men open the door and jump with the bags. There aren?t any parachutes left so I run out of the cargo area. Oh no, who is driving the aeroplane?

I run to the cock pit and open the door, there is an old man driving. ?How do you know how to fly??
?I am an ex pilot.? He says.
?Can you land us on an emergency runway before we get to the ocean??
?Ok, we?re going down.?

We land on a road. We?re slowing down. Slower, slower, and we?ve stopped. I make an announcement over the P.A, ?Everything is alright, if you all would like to get out of the aeroplane and wait on the side of the road until I can get some help.? We all get out of the aeroplane except the injured. The ambulance and police are outside ready to help. They run into the aeroplane and help all the injured.

Meanwhile; All of the police are searching everywhere for the hijackers. About three and a half hours later the police had find the seven of the men on the run. Their penalties are 14 years jail and six years community service for all of them. As for the wealthy couple they receive their jewels and money back.

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