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Mr. J

December 15, 2008
By Anonymous

In the mundane morning of English weather, the streets have not yet been filled by the traffic of the city. The fog has not been lifted yet and street lamps were still illuminating.

On the street, a lone figure was walking towards a building. A car passed him, sloshing some rain water on to him. He hadn’t tried to dodge the water, he had just kept walking. However, his appearance became more ominous. His trench coat was now soaked, his suit was starting to wrinkle from the water, and his hair was stylishly unkept.

He turned into the entrance of a marble building and opened the heavy glass doors. He walked forward to an elevator shaft with his shoes making the slightest tap against the marble floor.

An older man was at the front desk, going through some papers when he looked up at the awaiting man. He smiled and said,” Good mornin’ Mr. J. The weat’er not that great today. The fifth flour as usual?”

The man, Mr. J, nodded and gave a slight smile. He replied, “Good morning Ralph. Yes, the fifth floor to meet the boss. He called this morning and said that I needed to attend a meeting.”

Ralph reached the elevator buttons and pushed the down arrow. The elevator rang and the doors opened. “Here you ares. Have a good meetin’. And this time, Mr. J, do not displease the boss. He is in good spirits this mornin’ and seems to have thirst to kill. Maybe an important mission for yous,” said Ralph.

Mr. J overstepped the elevator line and waited for the doors to close. As soon as they did, Mr. J hurriedly pressed the number three button. He pulled out his cell phone, a pay-as-you-go, and dialed the one number on it.

“I’m in the elevator,” whispered Mr. J into the reciever, “I’m heading to the third flour right now.”

A voice on the other end said rapidly, “Place the surveillance and continue with your job.”
“I get it,” replied Mr. J, “But should I really meet with Lockmerry?” Mr. J never got an answer because the call had already ended.
Mr. J looked at the phone and grimaced. He had wished that they would have said to get out of there, but they had not. He stuffed the phone in his pocket, but then brought it back out. Mr. J dropped the phone on the floor and crushed it, digging his heel of his shoe into the hone. He then picked up the remaining parts and put it in his pocket.
The elevator doors opened and Mr. J calmly walked out on floor three to a single oak door at the end of the hall. He carefully slipped on rubber gloves and opened the door. Mr. J entered and pulled a device out of his other pocket. He carefully placed it in a corner of the ceiling and then left the room. Mr. J got on to the elevator and pressed for floor five, whiling talking his gloves off.

Mr. J entered Lockmerry’s office. He suddenly felt a chill. The man facing him was Lockmerry. He had a cold face and it was staring at him. Mr. J calmly as possible, sunk into an open chair. He awaited Lockmerry’s speech.
“J, I think I need to review things with you,” said Lockmerry’s gruff voice, “I told you that if you failed, you would meet an unpleasant me.”
Lockmerry let the words sink in while he studied J’s facial expressions. J’s face was covered in precipitation but kept a calm and collected face on.

Lockmerry lazily opened of his desk drawers while saying, “My unpleasantness has made me decide that you should meet an end. And unfortunately for you, you have failed and I keep to my word.”

With that, Lockmerry got his gun out and bang!

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on Nov. 2 2012 at 12:53 pm
AndriaGromley SILVER, Hillsdale, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away...

The ending was a drag, but the rest was pretty good.