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My teacher is missing: Part I

January 31, 2010
By Baby_kay24 BRONZE, IU, Alaska
Baby_kay24 BRONZE, IU, Alaska
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Chapter 1: Missing

As I walk down the hall of my school it is a plain, ordinary, boring day.
Or so I thought.
I get into homeroom and I find the teacher and half my classmates absent. So I was thinking nothing of it because it was flu season and these people were able to be affected by it more than me. I ask my freind Carlina if she has heard from any of our freinds and she said hasn't.It has been twenty minutes that we haven't had a teacher. So one of the geeky kids has the nerve to walk up to the office and ask why we don't have a teacher. He comes back five minutes later and says the teacher is sick.

So after school I walked to the teacher's house to tell her how much we miss her and she needs to get better FAST!!! I knock on the door. A man comes and answers the door. I say: " Hi is Mrs.Akerman there?". He then tells me " No she was killed last night". After he said that I was thinking "Why, what happened to her, she was the best teacher ever. So I ask him if he knows how she died and he tells me he doesn't know and that he was her cousin and got a phone call late last night that she was dead and nobody knew how. I then said " Thank you. And i'm very sorry about your loss." I then leave and go home.

The next day I go to school, of course Mrs. Akerman isn't there.But everyone thinks she is still sick. Carlina walks up to me and says " Hey have you heard anything on Mrs. Akerman". I pull her into the hallway and say " Ok me and Mrs. Akerman's cousin are the only ones that know about this so i'm going to tell you but you have to keep it a secret."

"Ok, ok ,ok. Now tell me!!!"
"Ok Mrs.Akerman is................."
"Is what , is what???????"
"..............She's dead"
"What!!! How, When!!!

So I explained how I went to visit her and I met her couisn who told me the story and that nobody knows how. She then said we have to investigate in it. I agreed.

Chapter 2: The Investigation

Part I Of Investigation: Akerman's Cousin

So the next day happened to be a Saturday. So me and Carlina start our investigation. We began by asking questions.

We walk to Mrs. Akerman's house or used to be house, hoping her cousin was still there. We knock on the door and luckily her cousin is still there and answers the door.

" Well hello"'

" Hi, this is my freind Carlina and we just wanted to ask you a few questions about Mrs. Akerman"

So he lets us in and leads us to the couch to sit down. Of course he says the same old thing everybody says " Would you like anything: water, tea , cookies?!"

Carlina and I look at eachother, giggle, and say " No thank you"

We quickly change the subject and start with our questions.

" Ok our first question is: Do you know where Mrs. Akerman was before you got the phone call?"

" Actually, No I don't. I got the phone call at about eleven last night saying she was found dead."

"And were you informed where she was found?"

" No, the officer who called said nothing about location."

" Ok. Do you know the officer's name?"

" I believe it was Officer Summers."

" Ok. And he said nothing about location,Correct?"


" Ok. Thank you for your time."

" Thank you."
We walk out the door and that night we think about the information we have collected and decided to call Officer Summers tomarrow morning.

Part II Of Investigation: Officer Summers

Early Sunday morning Carlina comes over to my house so we can carry on our investigation. I pick up the phone dial the police station and I hear......

" Mannsville Police Station."

" Hi, yes is Officer Summers there?"

" Yes he is. Hold on one second."

" Hi. Officer Summers."

" HI. My name is Taylor. And I just had a few questions for you."

"Sure what are they?"

" We are trying to investigate our teacher Mrs. Akerman's death."


" I was told she was sick, so I go visit her and her cousin is there and says she has been killed, and doesn't know anything except what was given to him on the phone last night."

" Why yes I talked to him on the phone last night at about eleven and told him we have found Mrs. Akerman dead."

" Well may I ask where she was found?"

" Yes, She was found at the local CVS on 24th street."

" Wow one of those rough streets. I see. Was there any evidence or any witnesses around at the time the crime scene was being held?"

"Yes, There was this one man by the name of David Dowell."

"Ok thank you for answering these questions."

"Mhmm. Good-bye."


We hang up the phone, and Google David Dowell. We find his number jot it down and go back to talk to Mrs.Akerman's cousin , once again.

We reach the Akerman house and we are let in again and we sit in the same spot we sat the day before.

" HI, we gathered some information about Mrs.Akerman's death from Officer Summers."

"O, Yeah , what did he say?"

"He said that Mrs. Akerman was found at the local CVS on 24th street. Let me tell you 24th street isn't the safest place to go at night. We were also told that there was a witness at the crime scene and his name was David Dowell."

" Interesting....What I want to know is why she was on 24th street that late at night."

"Yes we would like to know that also, But we will talk to David and we will report our information to you tomarrow."

" Ok thank you"

" Your welcome. Have a good day."

" You too."

We walk back to my house to throw all our clues so far onto one sheet of paper.

Part III Of Investigation: David Dowell

The next afternoon after school I invite Carlina over to help me investigate more and call David. She comes over and we call David Dowell.

" Hello?"

" HI, Is David Dowell there?"

" This is he"

" HI, My name is Taylor and our teacher is Mrs. Akerman and we have been investigating her death and we were told you were a witness at the crime scene."

" Yes, I was there."

" Do you know anything that happened?"

" Ummmm, I was walking on 24th street with Mrs.Akerman. She walked into a store and didn't come out for awhile so I walk in the store to see what is taking her so long and I find her dead in the middle of CVS."

" Ok and do you know the names of one of the employees that worked there last night?"

" Yes, One of them was Brittney Morris."

" Ok, Thank you for your time Mr.Dowell"

" Mhmm. Have a nice evening"

" You too."
We walk to Mrs. Akerman's house to once again to talk to her cousin. He answers the door and once again we talk about the information we have just collected.

" Hey, We talked to David Dowell."

" And what did he say?"

" He said he was walking with Mrs. Akerman and she walked into CVS and she was in there for a long time so he walked in there and found her dead on the floor. He said one of the employees names was Brittney Morris."


" Tonight we will Google CVS's number and will call for Brittney tomarrow afternoon and will meet with you again."

"Thank you for all that you are doing."

" Yeah, no problem."

" Bye."

" Bye."
Me and Carlina get to my house pull up Google and get CVS's number.

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