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A Night To Remember

January 23, 2017
By Forestert2019 GOLD, Aroura, Missouri
Forestert2019 GOLD, Aroura, Missouri
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It was A hot hot day in the woods. Mama Treez (mama) was very happy with all the fruitful trees that were growing around her to give the humans air to breath and animals homes to live in. Mama was a very cheerful person usually but when it came to hurting here trees or the earth you would see a whole new side of her. Usually when people saw her they would not see her beauty for they could not look past a mark that took up a little over have her face. She unlike all the other goddesses would wear pants that formed to her body she would also wear a long shirt. Her hair does not flow like the wind it is put up high and is out of her face. Mama Treez does not wear jewelry Mama spends a lot of time outside and it would just get lost so she see no point in wearing it.
One day while she was walking she found a young boy lost in the woods. She did not know how a young child would find or get loss in her woods but even after the hesitations she helped the young boy through the woods. The next day the young boy came back all by himself and she once again helped him through the woods. This continued for a couple of years and they began to talk and be friends even though Mama did not like men to be in the forest. One day the young boy who was then a teenager and said that he had to leave and won't be back for awhile and that saddened mama.
Many years later Mama was walking through the woods where she keeps her best and biggest trees. Many animals lived in the trees and aet from the trees. When she was walking through the woods she heard a very loud noise that was not a natural sound. When she went to look at what the awful noise was in her woods what she found was atrocious. Mama found men cutting down her treez. She was outraged that someone thought they could cut down her treez and get away with it. She called on Zephyrus god of wind to blow down the men. Then she called on her own powers to have the roots of the trees grab the men and she slowly started to tear them apart. When she got to the last of the men she was covered in the blood of the repugnant men before but she stopped to look at this man. He was young maybe early twenties. He had just enough hair on his face to need a shave but not where he look old. She stopped to talk to him to see why she should let him live and not fertilize the ground with his blood.
“Why should I allow you to live? You have done nothing to show me you are any better than one of Loki's monsters.” she asked
“You should allow me to live so you don't hurt the one male you allowed in the forest everyday for seven years.” said the man
She could not believe what she was hearing . Could the boy have told someone or did anyone see them together in the woods? She worded her next question very carefully.
“Why does the frog set in the treez when they could be cool in the water?’
If the man could answer with the right answer then he would live and it would prove something to her that would bring her joy.
“He sits in the tree so he can have the biggest splash in the water after all the other frogs are gone.” Said the man
In that moment she know that it was him the little boy whom she use to walk with everyday she was rejoiced with happiness till Zephyrus pointed out a fact she had not thought of.
“Why is he cutting down your treez if he use to walk through them with you for seven years and said that he had a love for the forest?”
That was when she saddened she realized that he was no better than the men she had already pulled apart.
“Why did you come here to cut down the treez after many hours of the day walk among them?”
“I know it looks bad , but it was to save you. Then said they would kill you if I did not show them where the treez were I did it so save you I did not intend for you to see this!”
Mama could see the lie in his eyes and that made her mad.
“I can defend myself and how dare you lie to me I see the defiance in your eyes you have changed from the little innocent boy you were to the lying man I was scared you would become!” With that said and him still trying to talk to her she ripped him apart and scattered his boy over the whole forest. Zephyrus was furious at her and started to yell.
“You fool you killed four mortal men!! You can not do that and not explain why you did it and even if you do they gave you no threat you will be severely punished for sure!”
Mama Treez new this so she ran into the forest where she knew no one but the little boy now dead new how to get to.
“I have to find a way for the other gods and goddesses to forgive me what am I going to do? What if I plant the world's biggest treez! I Will put in the place I first saw to boy and it will be to remember him for all of life and people will pray to the tree so the little boy will know how bad I feel for killing him!!”
After many years of hiding Mama Treez thought everyone had forgotten and that her tree was big enough to present to the gods for forgiveness. When she showed it to the gods they were not happy and that fed her to a thousand snakes.

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