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The Nightmare

June 14, 2013
By CelesteSelena BRONZE, Jerantut Pahang, Other
CelesteSelena BRONZE, Jerantut Pahang, Other
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I watch the television right after my parent went go to visit my Aunt at night by train,my parent asked me to join them but i refuse because i want to watch my favourite movie which titled "Zombies Vs Humans", although i like this movie,finally i fall asleep.
Suddenly i hear someone knock the door,i initially though my parents have return home. I open the door mundanely,finding my guts are incorrect. Pale skin figure with huge red eyes stand right in front of me. That is certainly isn't my parents!!!! It is ZOMBIES!!!
I am totally stiffen for a few seconds until my Adrenalins boils. I slam the door and try to lock it up , then i rush off of to my room looking for a safe and sound place to hide.
I peek under my bed, no, it isn't safe place. Its going the last place in this planet i am going to sheltering. Boom!!! Oh no! They break the door!
Eventually, i found just the right location to hide myself-my cupboard! I sprang into it and replace my garments so that i have got a perfect area for myself..finally i am safe-for now.. Until i forgot to shut the door! Oh my goodness's! How suck can tonight would be! Its gonna be the longest night ever in my entire life!
I am shivering , hopelessly pray the zombies wouldn't able to detect me or find me anyhow.. How i wish my parents are here...
Few seconds later, God finally answer my prays.. I look around and find out both of my parents stand just by the cupboard motionless... Mum! Dad! I hurry off step out from my lair to get them. Thank Goodness!!
Unfortunately, my relieve doesn't last longer than i expect.. I smell unpleasant hands covered in marshy mud... I look up shockingly finding my parent's skins are both as pale as the zombies i met just mother's eyes are glowing in reds.. Dad! Mum!
I look forward to my dad, his eyes are glowing just like my mum's..they share the same skin tones to my mum.. Ugh! Great! Now i am doom!!
My minds began to running ridiculously.. No way this could be happening! I remember an undeniable facts from a thriller novel i have read which noted that human shall automatically transform into a zombie once they are bitten by zombie. Their actively virus venom shall get into a person's blood streams within a few minutes after a particular victims get bitten by..

Too much thinking started to drown me in my own mind. I pace faster but there is just like a never ending treadmill.. My heart beats faster like i have never before. What must i do??

I am too confuse as i keep running without turning back..there is no enough time for me to think too much or even stop just for a millisecond. No.

More zombies started to break in my home..There is no place to hide, nobody to save me.. I scream as loud as i could hoping my neighbour would hear it. However, my screams doesn't works well as i want to. There are no single person come to rescue except zombies whose heard my wails. They are just a few metre away from me when i started to run again. I run heartily until i am unable to stop my pace. My blood level ups and i unconsciously missteps the rugs on the stair..what a lousy i am!
I fall down and decide to succumbs realizing there is no way to run. My eyes started to blur..i am already lose.. eventually faint by the stairs.

I hear someone knocks the door. The bell rings and the flashes of television screen is hurting my eyes. I feel my head banging out louds.

There is no more zombies that i can see. The television are still on. They are all gone and i am still a human. I grabs my brother's softball stick as i walk to the door slowly.. I hold my breath and open it cautiously.

Two familiar faces i known give me a huge relieves. My parents! I drop the softball stick and hug them tightly like never before.
Thanks God! Its just a nightmare! Phew... From now on, no more thriller movies on late night, i swear!

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