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Little Red Riding Hood (Wolf's Perspectives)

June 8, 2012
By alexagangel BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
alexagangel BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
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Little Red Riding Hood

I woke up with fright with a flashlight in my eyes

“What are you doing?” cried the wolf.

“Tell me the story of little red,” said the cop.

“Alright, but after I’m going back to sleep.” said the wolf, “But I don’t know why everyone says I want to eat Little Red? I mean, come on, I’ll tell you the real story of what happened to little red.”

So I was taking my daily walk around the woods to find something to eat, but then I see this girl with a red cape and I wondered why she was trespassing in my woods. I walked up to her nicely and when I was going to ask her why she was here, she turned around and screamed and hit me with the basket.

“OW!” I screamed.

Little red ran away with fright and her cape dropped on the dirty floor. I ran after her to give it back.
“STAY AWAY!” cried little red.

She keep running and running but all I wanted to do was give her the cape back.

“Wait, wait, wait, pause the story I thought you stole her basket “said the cop.

“Can I finish?” said the wolf.

Anyway, I saw her run away so far I didn’t even know where I was going. Suddenly I saw a cute little blue house right in the woods, little red passed it but it caught my attention when I first saw it.
When I looked at the house I saw a window with a little picture frame in it, I saw little red and her grandma. So I knocked on the door so she could give the cape back to Little Red. She opened the door and slammed it on my face and I stubbed my toe when she slammed it, I push the door open and the grandmother pushed me onto the sofa and I pushed her into the closet and locked it, because she was annoying me. All the fighting made me really tired so I went into Granny’s bed and went to sleep. All of sudden I heard a knock on the door I woke up and put on Granny’s old clothes so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I jumped back into the bed with her clothes on and talked like her so it would sound like Granny.

“Come in!” the wolf cried.

Little Red walked in and walked over to her bed.

“Hi Granny I brought you some treats to feel better.”

The wolf jumped up and took the basket and ate all of the treats. Little Red screamed and ran into the kitchen, she heard a noise coming from the closet and she opened it.

“Little Red! Thank you!” cried Granny.

Little Red and granny darted outside and ran away.

“Well that’s the last I heard of them.” said the wolf.

“So you never ate them?” exclaimed the cop.

“People just make the story juicy to hate on me for no reason.”

The wolf went back to sleep and the cop apologized for the trouble.

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