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April 19, 2012
By ChristopherMenton BRONZE, Blythewood, South Carolina
ChristopherMenton BRONZE, Blythewood, South Carolina
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The U.N. had made a statement to the public about the glory that would come of the construction of the orbital elevator. After which a massive project was set into action in the hope of creating an elevator to ferry life between earth and mars. At the same time solar power had become a dominate fuel source in the world at 3027. However the first days of the elevators creation was plagued with disaster…

Part One
The Blood Project


John was confused. In all but a few seconds his parents were dead; yet he had no clue as to how it happened. Both his mother and father where scientists working on the construction of the grand elevator that would connect earth and mars. A small explosion had occurred in the area his parents where researching in; they died instantly. An onvoy of three men in black suits escorted John from his class of fellow twelve year olds. Immediately after hearing of his parents death John broke free from the men and ran; without looking back he ran, for he had nothing to bind him. There was no one to greet him in the morning with smiles and affection; no one to send him off to school with a hug and a kiss, no one.

Warm tears streamed down Johns cheeks as he contemplated his brief memories of his mother and father. “D*mn!” he cursed as he stood up and kicked a can sending it flying away from him. It clanked and made an echoe in the small ally way he was hiding in. A tiny black cat ran past him as he curled his hands into fists.

“Hello is someone there,” Came a female voice from behind John. The lost adolescent spun on his heels to face the unknown voice. As he did he was meted with the sight of a tall young woman, she held her hand out towards the boy. “John is it not? Please come with me.” The woman spoke.

John sat upright on an examining table in the middle of a small white room. The young woman from before was standing by a desk looking over a portfolio filled with papers. She had long black hair that flowed down past her hips and a fair complexion. Her bangs came down to her eyebrow line which complemented her deep purple eyes; now after the creation of eye distorters not only could one enhance their vision, but also vary the color of their eyes. It was now not uncommon in this day and age for humans to be seen with unusual eye colors, one as such being purple.

The woman’s white trench coat extended past her ankles. Her black skirt reflected the lights from the ceiling as she shifted her legs. “Alright John let’s get you your serial number.” She spoke as she took a needle and dipped it into black ink.

John remembered as just a few hours earlier this woman, who introduced herself as Alleta Hartson, was explaining the state of the world to him. The production of the elevator would take at the least six years to be completed. As this was, soldiers far more superior to normal troops would be necessary to properly oversee and defend workers from terrorists while under the strenuous environment of space. Alleta told John that the U.N. was in need of super soldiers, and they needed them badly. Currently the U.N. had dispatched regular foot soldiers with specialized suits to help reduce stress on their bodies whilst enabling them the proper freedom of motion. However, this was only to fill the gap of actual super soldiers. Alleta had told John that she was a sixteen year old scientist working on a special class of super soldier and that she had chosen John to be her “special” subject.

John winced at the pain from the needle entering the skin on his left shoulder. Alleta carefully inscribed two large, bold zeros into Johns shoulder. “Zero, zero?” John asked as he raised an eyebrow; gazing at his first tattoo.

Yes; you are number 00.” Alleta replied with a soft smile; her purple lip gloss shimmered under the ceilings light. John averted his eyes away from hers.

“So does that make me better than number one, or something?” John asked as he gazed at his tattoo once more. Alleta giggled.

“Yea, something like that.” She replied with another heartwarming smile.

“Well now I’m going to be watching you with earnest. Do well out there and make some friends.” Alleta stated as she stood up and rubbed her hand in Johns long black hair. John gazed at her as she opened the door and motioned him to follow her. Alleta led John down a long hall way; every room and hall was painted white. The only difference in color where sliding doors that led into rooms; it seemed to John as if there was a set amount of the same colored doors grouped next to and across from each other.

After a few minutes of walking Alleta stopped at the first door of ten black doors. “Here is your room.” Alleta said as she motioned John in. The door slid open; John looked towards Alleta with hesitation who, with a soft smile, motioned him in once more. John slowly entered the door; which slid shut behind him.

John looked around the room, there was two twin sized beds on either sides of the walls with a lamp desk pushed against the wall filling the gap between the beds.

“Hi!” came a voice.

“Gah!” John exclaimed as he jumped and turned around. What he saw was a girl who appeared the same age as him; he sighed as he grabbed his chest and looked at the ground.

“Um, are you okay?” the girl asked.

“Yea, you just kinda made me jump.” John replied as he regained his posture and looked at the girl before him. She had long blonde hair that was equal in length to Alleta’s. Her sideburns, however, where shorter and the hair on her forehead was swept to the left above her brow line. She had blue, green eyes that enticed John. Also she was wearing a white dress with spaghetti straps; another enticing feature. John sighed.

“Are you sure you’re okay.” The girl asked as she neared him.

“Yea I’m fine.” John replied as he looked past the girl towards an opened door that led into a bathroom.

“Well, I’m number 025; Amber Enfield.” Amber stated as she held her hand out to John.

“Number 00, John Augustus Menton.” John replied as he grasped Amber’s hand and shook it as the two exchanged smiles.

“You should probably put those on.” Amber said as she looked over at a white shirt and white cargo shorts that where folded and nestled neatly on the bed next to the wall on the left. John raised an eyebrow. “It’s the dress code; and that’s your bed. I remember a woman scientist entering and placing them here; but I’m surprised I have a boy as my roommate.” Amber babbled; John raised an eyebrow at her. “Not that I don’t like you!” Amber exclaimed as she held up her hands. John began to laugh; Amber smiled as she watched him. His black hair flowed naturally to his left; he had long sideburns that danced as he laughed. His eyes were closed, since he was laughing, but Amber already had the dark brown color of his eyes etched into her mind; to her they looked happy.

Without warning a loud ring echoed throughout the facility. “What was that?”John asked as he curiously looked towards the door.

“That was the lunch bell. You should hurry up and change so we can go and meet up with the rest of our comrades.” Amber explained as John nodded then grabbed the clothes and headed for the bathroom.

Amber patiently sat on her bed as she waited for John to change; she remembered what the woman who brought John’s clothes said to her…

The Perfect Subject

Amber sat on her bed with her hands folded in her lap. She sighed as she closed her eyes and lifted her left hand up to her bangs. As she finished shifting her hair a knock sounded from her door. “Come in.” Amber called out innocently. Amber smiled as Alleta entered the small room.

“How are you doing, Amber?” Alleta asked as she sat next to the young girl.

“Fine.” Amber replied as she smiled while looking at Alleta; admiring her beauty. She was the youngest scientist and was also the nicest, in Amber’s opinion. Amber’s smile vanished as she watched Alleta’s gaze shift to the bed opposite of them.

“I think I’ve found a roommate for you.” Alleta said breaking the silence. Amber’s eyes lit up.

“Really?! What is she like?!” Amber exclaimed with excitement. Alleta lifted her hand to her mouth as she closed her eyes and giggled.

“Actually your roommate is going to be a boy.” Alleta said as she turned towards Amber who was staring blankly at her. “What’s wrong? Has it been that long since you’ve had the chance to be around a boy?” Alleta asked as Amber’s face turned red. The two began to laugh; Amber smiled as she realized that this woman was the closest thing she had to family….

Amber was startled out of her memory by the opening of the bathroom door. John walked out then looked at Amber; Amber stared back, her face was red and her heart was pounding. John’s eyes narrowed as he caught a shimmer of the light reflecting off of Amber’s naked shoulder.

“Um, well. We should go!” Amber shouted nervously as she stood up.

“Right, I’m actually pretty hungry.” John said as he looked down towards his belly. He moved his hand down to rub it but before it completed its journey Amber’s hand had snatched it. She led him out of the door and down the hallway.

“The halls are still empty?” John asked as he looked around.

“It’s because we’re late.” Amber replied with a giggle as she let Johns hand go.

John followed Amber closely as the small hallway they were in branched out into a humungous room. There was an up and down escalator leading up to and endless row of stacked floors as well as a row of elevators. Far to his left John could see sliding doors where scientists were exiting and entering the complex. Across the room was another skinny hallway as well as what seemed like the entrance to a cafeteria. There were multiple other doors that led into different rooms.

“Alright, let’s go.” Amber said as she turned around and smiled at John. John nodded as the two made their way across the large room. Most of the scientists ignored them as they passed; a few however smiled or nodded hello to them.

The author's comments:
the beggining of this story is based on the experiences of super soldiers in training and the horror they are put through. The successive parts to this story is how they use their expeeriences to shape the world. It's a work in progress, but if i get enough support i might focus on this story a little more, i've got alot of others i'm working on now.

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