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A Dragon in the Wind

January 1, 2012
By manda315 SILVER, Voorhees, New Jersey
manda315 SILVER, Voorhees, New Jersey
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One peaceful day in Blue Sky Paradise, a little dragon flew around in the blue sky with a little pig on its back. The air smelled of lilies and pomegranates, a life-giving aroma. The sun glimmered in the clear, blue sky while the grass swayed in the whistling wind. A little wizard slyly scurried across the field without the dragon or pig noticing.

The majestic dragon, turquoise and sapphire, spiraled in the whistling wind. All the little pig on the ground could see was a swirl of blues. Next, a wizard suddenly appeared and made the dragon land into the lake below. The wizard shot thousands of deep red rays at the little, petite dragon.

“Mwahhhhh, you little dragon will be no more!” taunted the wizard. Little by little, the dragon began to lose its powers. Very slowly, even though the dragon was being drained of its powers, it kept trying to get away. Then, the dragon’s pig friend was forced to jump off its friend’s back.

“There is more to life than hurting dragons, wizard,” explained the pig. The wizard didn’t care for the pig; he just kept blasting the dragon. Indeed, the dragon was being shot with many deep blood red rays. The dragon got enough courage to fly up into the air. Thus, the dragon dodged the deep red rays; it shot back deep blue rays that had a strong sleeping effect. Since he had missed, the wizard changed the direction and tried to shoot rays at the defenseless pig and the strong dragon. The pig was shot right in the stomach but quickly recovered.

Quickly, the dragon’s rays became stronger so, the wizard dropped his burning wand. In addition, the pig ran swiftly behind a tree to get protection. The dragon’s rays made the wizard slowly fall into a deep sleep. Many dragons can be bad and shoot death rays but blue dragons shoot sleep rays.

The dragon quickly gathered the wand and it was thrust into the air, the wand was blown up into a billion crystals that twinkled in the blue sky. The crystals drizzled to the ground in a circular motion. Then, the dragon and pig flew gracefully in the air until the wizard awoke.

Consequently, the wizard awoke startled and was joyful. The wizard thanked the dragon from saving him from the curse that had followed him. The dragon, wizard, and pig flew high in the air and giggled all the way home. Dragons, wizards, and pigs can absolutely have the greatest time in the world. Never underestimate the power of friendship.

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on Jan. 17 2012 at 3:09 pm
readaholic PLATINUM, Tomahawk, Wisconsin
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It could use some touching up, but this is a good piece. I guess it could be longer, but other than that, I like it