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Destructions Final goodbye and the Jesters appearance

November 8, 2008
By Mercedes Cantini BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Mercedes Cantini BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Destruction walks down along a narrow path way that leads to a large lake. A red petaled tree stood next to the path swaying gently in the soft cold breeze. Stopping next to the tree he reaches up to touch the petals softly, his bone chilling icy blue eyes dull. He turns his head towards the lake and a tear falls from his eye sparkling in the soft sunlight shining down on him. He reached a pale skinned hand up to his long flowing silver hair and pulled his bangs over his eyes as the tears kept falling. The wind blowing softly again caused some of the red petals to drift from the tree and spiral around him from the ground to above his head. He closed his eyes and bit his lips with long white fangs digging into them,causing blood to run down his jaw and mix in with the tears as they fell to the ground. His voice ringing through the air, he spoke as another breeze added more petals and made the lush green grass sway gently,as if it were a green sea of souls flying away, to find a new home.

"Im...Im so sorry Sarania...I..I didnt want you to go so soon, and I...I didnt want to leave you without saying child, my dear...dear child." He looked up,his eyes filled with a sadness and a dulled fear of the pain he felt. "well I guess not all things can have a happy ending, huh?" He reached his hand out as if to touch something but instead clenched it into a fist causing his long nails to dig into his skin. "I truely,truely am sorry my child."

"Calm lose the chance to..say goodbye yet."

Destructions eyes widend in suprise as he looked up to see a spiraling whirlwind of purple petals in front of him. Two soft purple wings spread outward from the purpal petals as two soft green eyes opened. The figure of a girl that appeared to be 17 years old stood in front of him,her purple and green hair swaying from behind her and landing gently over he back and wings. She was wearing a long white dress and when she spoke her voice sounded like wind chimes in a warm evening breeze. he ran towards her with his hand outstretched but stopped as he realized something. "Are..Are you real?" he asked crieing harder.

"yes I am...for now anyways." she smiled gently and took his hand.

"Sarania..Im..Im so sorry.." he mummbled soflty. " I have to... I have to say goodbye because i cant stay..Im dead now sarania, or...atleast part ways dead...any ways." He hugged her feeling her feathers brush his back as she hugged him back and wrapped her wings around him.

"Daddy?" she asked softly closing her eyes. "WHat do you mean..partly dead?"

"They found out i lied and they came to kill me." He said softly." I deserved it though so i cant really complain at all."

"WHo did it?" she asked her eyes wide from hearing the news.

"Kyoshi and Haku...Dont worry...I will see you again, but now I must go. glad i got to...see you my little poison angel daughter. I will miss you..Sarania. peace my little one." He said gently as he started to fade away. "Goodbye." He burst into red petals and flowed away to land on the lakes surfase,causing it to glow brightly then turn back to normal, but, instead of reflecting the sun that was in the sky, it had a full moon in its waters.

"Bye Daddy." Sarania said and turned back into purple petals and gently swept towards the sky vanishing for eternity.

A figure stood nearby in the shadows of the large red petaled tree. He wore closed and when he opened his eye it was a bone chilling, icy blue color. "Goodbye." It mummbled quietly, then vanished into the shadows.

The author's comments:
I love writing and drawing.personaly i dont think i could live without it,oh well that and music. this is accually the first time i ever tried to publish something and i hope i do well.

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on Dec. 7 2014 at 2:58 pm
gone45637 BRONZE, Tucker, Georgia
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There is a method to my madness.

I loved this piece so much! You should definetly continue the story.

mercedes c. said...
on Feb. 8 2009 at 3:37 pm
hey its me the author. hey just wanted to let you know that isnt even the full story that was only a fraction. i wonder if i should type more?