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Happy Little Animals

November 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, in a far away pond, lived two turtles, a fairy, a frog and a bird. The turtle’s names were Melina and Melvin, and they were twins. Esperanza was the fairy she is a busy body. She’s always working. Bob was the frog and he always seemed to be depressed. ‘And Cinderbella was a blue jay and she was always scared of something, even if it was nothing.

Esperanza was raised in a hallow oak tree near the pond her whole life. She was only three years old when her papa had died. Soon after her father died her mother had started to fall apart. Esperanza came home one day for school and her mother was nowhere to be found. Esperanza was only six and a half years old that day. She never again in her life saw her mother again. So, after her mother left she was raising herself. Esperanza didn’t know how to contact anyone in her family, so she had to raise herself.

Melina and Melvin were twins. They never ever liked to be without each other. Unlike other turtles in the pond, Melvin and Melina did not separate at birth. They grew up together really well and they stayed with their grandma in her underwater apartment complex.

Bob was a frog. He was the type of guy that most people would call “weird”. But he didn’t find anything to be “weird” about himself. He had no friends and wasn’t much of a ladies man. One day a group of construction workers drained all the water out of his pond, so he was without a home. Bob wanted to move somewhere close to his old home and not somewhere far away out of state where he wouldn’t know where anything was. So he decided to move to the great Fiji Lake.

Cinderbella was named after Cinderella; her mother loved that name. So when Cinderbella was born her mother put a “B” in it because she was a blue jay. Cinderbella was raised by her mother. She had five brothers and no sisters. Bella flew away when she was four weeks old because her mother would not let them leave. She thought that her and her brothers were not ready to leave the nest. But really, it was her mother that was not ready for her to leave. Her brothers still needed to learn and were not mature enough to leave and be on their own. Bella soon found a job and had her own place to stay.

They all meet one day in the pond. Melina and Melvin were playing Marco Polo with their turtle friends. Bob was tanning on his little ducky floaty and Bella was doing the same. Esperanza was practicing her front stroke. They all somehow managed to bump into each other right smack-dab in the middle of the pond. They all yelled “Ouch!” and opened their eyes. Then they whimpered, “sorry.” and introduced themselves to each other. From that day forward they became the Fab Five!

One day they all decided to have a sleep over at Bella’s nest. Melina started to complain about how she had never left the pond area since she was a little baby turtle. Melvin thought about how awesome it would be to go on an adventure with his new friends. He told his idea to his friends. Everyone it was a great idea but Bella. Bella was scared to leave the pond area. Bella was what you would call the “paranoid” type of bird. After awhile passed by the subject came up again and they all except Bella were planning on an adventure.

The next morning, they all set off on an adventure. Everyone, that is but Bella. She claimed to be sick, but everyone knew that she was just lying. So the Fab Five set off on their adventure. Without knowing how much trouble was ahead of them. They felt so sad that they were leaving Bella behind but they didn’t want to hold the adventure of until Bella got “better.”

Not even seven minutes into their adventure and they had already seen trouble. Who possibly could it have been? It was Louie the Llama. The only animal that had reason to be this far away from the pond, for he lived ten minutes away from the pond. He stopped them and curiously asked them what they were doing this far out. They knew that he wouldn’t understand. He is so conceited and only thinks about himself. So the Fab Five told him a lie. Needless to say, Louie didn’t believe them, he knew it was a lie because it took them way too long to think of a reason.
He took their bag that had all the food in it. He screamed at them “the only way he will give it back the food is if you find me five rare red pebbles in three minutes.”

They ran around so quickly it looked like they were chickens with no heads. With ten seconds left, they were all back. But wait, someone was not there. Quickly, they turned around and there was Esperanza. They all shouted at the top of their lungs “Hurry!” Then BAM, there she was. She made it with one second to spare. He gave them back their bag and let them go on their way.

Soon after that they came to a stop. They soon found themselves at a path that spilt into two different paths. They went left because Melvin suggested that every time he went right, it was never right. They had been walking that way for at least three and a half hours. They soon found what they thought was another pond, but soon would find out it was their own pond!

Everyone was so mad; all the trouble they went through to get back to their pond. What a drag. From that point on, the Fab Five all decided that they where happy were, they were and never needed to take an adventure again.

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on Oct. 12 2018 at 10:33 am
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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I love this story, so funny and it made me laugh! You just might want to work on grammar, editing, and how you phrase your sentences. But you still got the point across, and I like your story. Good job.