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Vampire's Regrets

January 24, 2011
By Connor13 SILVER, Marshfield, Massachusetts
Connor13 SILVER, Marshfield, Massachusetts
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“My thirst is finally satisfied,” said Chiyo taking her fangs out of a man’s neck.
“Where shall we go now, it’s almost morning,” asked Akako.
“There’s an old abandoned barn down the street,” answered Chiyo.
“Ok let’s go.”

Akako held her nose in disgust, “Eww this barn reeks like cow manure!”

The barn looked as if it was from the 50’s, it had a dirt floor and termites infested every crevice imaginable.
“It will have to do for now, we can’t risk be caught in the sunlight,” said Chiyo.
Akako took a quick glance through a hole in the barn to see if the sun had risen yet.
“I’m guessing we have fifteen to twenty minutes until the sun comes out,” said Akako.
Chiyo nodded in approval, “good.”
Akako’s eyes met with Chiyo’s, “When are we going to finally get a decent place where we can stay for a while?”
“Stop whining, you know we are being tracked by Mareo,” said Chiyo.
“If only he didn’t know how to do spells, he would be dead right now!” said Akako, shaking her fist in frustration.
Down the street Mareo was searching for them.

I can’t pick up their spiritual force, why!? I thought to myself. The night before they were definitely here, they have to be here!
“Another one’s dead over here,” said Keiji.
I walked over to the dead man and examined his neck.
“Yeah these are holes only fangs could make,” I said.
“Master Mareo where shall we look now?” asked Keiji.
“Wait, look they left a trail of blood!” I said pointing to the drops of blood on the road. “We’re going to follow this trail and finally put an end to their immortal lives, get ready Keiji!”

The spilled blood on the road suddenly ceased at an old red barn, I signaled Keiji with my fingers that we were going in, I pulled an evil sealing card out of my leather jacket pocket with an inscription on it; No one is immortal, keep it that way.

I kicked open the door in an overdramatic way.
“Come out you pathetic vampires!” I yelled.
“Master try not to P.O a vampire, they’re not happy evil immortal beings,” said Keiji sarcastically.
“So you found us,” said Chiyo balancing on a thin support beam.
I threw an evil sealing card at her, “Yeah, and this time you’re going back to H*** where you belong!”
The card almost hit her but she dodged it at the last second. “Shoot!” I muttered.
“Chiyo, that’s not anyway to welcome a guest,” said Akako playfully.
Akako jumped down from the second floor of the barn and landed ten feet away from me with Chiyo at her side.
“Well we’ve welcomed you long enough, now time for the fun,” said Chiyo.

Keiji, still next to me pulled out his katana sword and infused it with chakra. His blade sparkled like ice.
“Let’s get this over with,” said Keiji.
I pulled out more sealing cards and my own katana sword too.
Keiji jumped at Akako with is sword yelling “Eat this demon girl!” but she jumped out of the way.
“It’s going to take a lot more than just an amateur samurai to kill me,” said Akako.
“Oh you just got into a fight with the wrong person,” said Keiji.
Now it was my turn to fight, I threw a sealing card as a distraction then leaped at Chiyo with my sword.
I failed miserably in my attempt, she was just too fast!
“Haha you’re as slow as ever Mareo,” taunted Chiyo. “You’ve been fighting me for two years now and you haven’t even got close to killing me, Japan’s my turf remember that,” said Chiyo.
With anger on my face I yelled “that’s going to change now!”
I created a blue visible ball of energy and shot it at Chiyo. It hit her and launched her back into the barns wall.
“You’re paying for that!” said Chiyo dusting off the fragments of wood off of her blue and white shirt.
“Master help please!” said Keiji who was pinned against the wall in a sword match with Akako.
Luckily Keiji was able to break free.
I took my sword out of its sheath and lunged at Akako, she jumped back frustrated. Before I knew it had turned into an all-out sword match, because Chiyo had also retrieved a sword. My sword met Chiyo’s with a loud ching, it was embarrassing that she was stronger than me. My arms shook while the two blades where pressed together. What am I going to do? I can’t hold this pose much longer. I thought to myself.
I yelled at Keiji “Help!” while he happened to have an opportunity to provide some backup. Keiji ran to me and shooed Chiyo back.
“Mareo, Master we have to come up with a plan,” said Keiji.
“I already have one, but first we have to get them right next to each other got it?” I said. “Yes Master,” replied Keiji.
Keiji and went on opposite sides of the barn and forced them back to back.
“Crystal Barricade!” I yelled with my eyes closed and my fingers together.
They were trapped, pink crystals oppressed them, there was no possible escape.
“Any last words until a send you back to H***?” I asked.
“Please spare us,” said Chiyo.
“Why would I do that, I’ve been hunting you for two years and you killed my father, my mother, and my whole family!” I yelled.
“I know how it feels to have your family killed right in front of your eyes,” said Chiyo. “Really how would you know that?” I asked angrily.
“My parents and family where killed by vampires too,” said Chiyo
I stepped back and almost lost my balance, this can’t be true I thought to myself, she’s probably just lying, no there’s no way.
Chiyo sighed and said, “It all happened over a hundred years ago; I lived in a small village in Western Japan. It was a nice night out, I was bringing my family groceries from the store when I arrived to my house I noticed the door was open. When I stepped in my parents and family where dead, I cried out in horror and sadness, when I was crying two men and three women dressed in dark cloaks approached me.
One said “Should we kill her like the rest of her family?”
But another one who was a woman said “let’s keep her I’ll turn her into a vampire.” Shocked and in denial I didn’t know what to do then the woman sinked her fangs into my neck. It was the most horrible pain I have ever endured. Now I’m here now groveling at your feet please don’t kill me or Akako, we want a second chance, I’m sorry that I killed your family but I just couldn’t resist it. I promise that if you let us live we will never kill a human again and we will live on animal’s blood.”
I was shocked, I actually believed her. I thought to myself she actually sounds like she’s telling the truth.
I said to them, “I believe your story, as much as I have hated you two I forgive you. I’m willing to give you a second chance. I’m sending you to an uninhabited island near Northern Japan; there you will have a good supply of animal blood to feed on.”
“Oh thank you, thank you!” both Chiyo and Akako said.
I put my two fingers together and said “Transport!” and they were gone.
“Master, why did you do that, you had the perfect chance why!” said Keiji.
I looked back at him and answered, “Because everyone deserves a second chance.”

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for creative writing class. I was inspired to write it after watching a few anime shows about vampires.

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This article has 2 comments.

on Jan. 27 2011 at 11:21 am
Connor13 SILVER, Marshfield, Massachusetts
6 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"The sky is the limit"

Thank you!

on Jan. 27 2011 at 6:45 am
deus-ex-machina14 BRONZE, Stewartsville, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"There are two main tragedies in life. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." -Oscar Wilde

I loved the unique named you used for the vampires and how they communicate. Stick to this type of writing, you definitely have something:)