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Mystic Magic

November 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time in a small village, atop a small hill, lived a small family. One day Jerry, the oldest son of four children, went out to pick up some giggly poof powder. When he got to the store, he bought the powder, and headed home. On the way home, he took a detour through the forest, which leads to his backyard. While he traveled through the forest he noticed that it was completely deserted, “this is weird,” he told himself, looking around for the fairies, who usually visit him on these detours, but none were around. “Fairies,” he yelled out into the emptiness, as it blew back an echo of its own silence. “Maybe something happened to them,” he said, after taking a worried step into the forest. He went deeper into the forest, calling out for them, but he could not find any of them. “Well, I guess their still asleep,” he said looking back towards the edge of the forest where he entered. As he came closer to the edge of the forest, he heard a noise come from a nearby bush. “Whose there?” he said with his wand in his pocket ready to attack. He walked on, ignoring but keeping attention all the same to his surroundings. When he got home, his mother took the powder and poured half into her caldron, then stuck the rest into a cupboard in the wall. Then he to find Tommy, the second oldest son, and told him what happened.
“And they were all gone?” Tommy asked Jerry looking stunned. They then set off to find Sara and Jasmine, their sisters of equal age.
“They were gone?” they both said almost in a high pitch note, as like a piano.
“Where could they have gone?” they asked Jerry, as he was the oldest and wisest of the bunch. They all thought out to look for The Book, it held secretes and spells that could help them try to find the fairies. After finding what they needed they copied the spell and ran to get their wand. They all raced out the door and into the forest. When they got to the forest, they sought out a big clearing in the center of the forest as for them to conduct their magic. When they found the perfect spot, they stood in a circle around a circle of leaves.
“Are you ready?” Jerry asked them looking hopeful.
When they were all ready they all at once chanted the words, “light of darkness’, show us the way, to where the fairies have gone astray?” upon finishing the saying a silver smock arose from the leaves in the center of their and formed into a ball. It was like a crystal ball, only formed from smoke. They had seen where the fairies were, and Jerry swiped way the smoke with the tip of his wand. Then they set off to help their friends. When they reached the clearing where the fairies were being held captive, they all took a deep breath, then ran into the Village of Goblin. The kids blasted the doors open and quickly one by one magically cut through the vine like ropes tying the fairies together. When the goblins spotted them, they all started whisking arrows towards them, trying to stop the kids from escaping with the fairies. When they were finally out of the goblins reach, they slowed down and the fairies thanked them a million times, with a whip of a finger the fairies had vanished home. When the children finally got home, they could smell their mother making their favorite Mystic Magic Pizza. As they children ate they told there mother all about their adventure of the day.

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