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Blood Part One

May 26, 2010
By TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
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“Maggie time to hunt” my “mom” called.
“’Kay, Emma” I was adopted but Emma and Michal treated me as their own. You could say we were related by blood I guess.
“Maggie you can call me mom.”
“Okay then mom.” She laughed to herself knowing I would still call her Emma. We are Vampires we lived on human blood. My eyes were a vicious and a blood thirsty red; I went crazy when I hunted. Michal had changed me I was dying at the age of eighteen in night-teen fifteen of some virus. First with me then with his wife Emma; who sat at the age of twenty-eight and him who was at the age of twenty-four; I jumped out the window with no shoes on just shorts and a t-shirt.
They met me out there our skin was pale as usual even paler in the dark. With a quick glance we raced ahead going away from our Texas house, my jet black hair blew out behind me as I ran away from my family we could hurt each other if too close to them.
I found a nice little place full of ungrateful little drunk, smoking, brats thinking they’ll live till dead of old age, oh well. I licked my lips and dusted my shirt off. That was Delicious; I ran around till it seemed that no one was getting mugged or any of that stuff. I returned home I’d had a meal of four and the others four as well. We’d go hunting in a few weeks or so. I looked at my body perfect I hated it. It brought me to this long life I would never die. I jumped up in to my room and began to strum my Guitar and moved on to the Electric. I sighed when the Moring came and went to my Grand Piano. I looked around and stepped out the window my skin was now pure Black in the light.
“Moring Michal” I called my skin pale again. That’s what happens when we go out in light we’re not your Sparkly Cullens. “Moring Mag.” I sat down on the couch and began to flip trough channels. I found the news and settled with this. “Hello this is Jane Frost and we have Breaking News. Here in Tennessee twenty citizens of Nashville have been murdered in mid night. All dead were soldiers home from the war. The police are thinking gangs.”
Twenty families were crying over lost ones who had done nothing wrong. I sighed and spoke to Michal “I think we should move this week people are noticing that we’re not looking our age.”
“Hum well then I guess we should.” He went to go find something and came back his skin became pale again he tossed a newspaper to me it hit my elbow.
“Hey have you seen the news?”
“No have you seen the paper?”
“No but some Vampires very sloppy can’t be as old as we are, are in Tennessee when do you think they will clean it up?”
“I don’t know but that’s what the papers about so…” he trailed off in thought.
“Well Louisiana is a good place to start.” I suggested.
“Yes we will go to Louisiana” he said, and began to make to him room. I jumped up and sprinted outside. To pack again.

The author's comments:
This is my first short story so forgive me if its bad.

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