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Greatest story ever

November 27, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a very powerful unicorn. His name was Sir Francis Drake the Third, but he preferred to be called Frank. Frank was not like the other unicorns, he was the unicorn king! He lived a very exciting and fascinating life. He was invariably kind to everyone, which some of the nobles looked down on. They did not think a king should be treat common unicorns as if they were important. He loved his kingdom very much, but, he was a young and naive king and soon began to take the darker path.
His friends, Charlie and Lola, always took him to a wonderful and magical place called Candy Mountain. Frank loved to escape the sensibility and rules of being a king to go to Candy Mountain. But little did he know that it would soon lead to his ephemeral kingship. Charlie and Lola were jealous of his great powers and wanted to overthrow him. Nobody is quite sure why a place with the name Candy Mountain was so evil, but I digress.
Soon after these trips to Candy Mountain he mandated taxes on all unicorns, and had the most gruesome consequences for not paying them, which I will not go into detail on, because the actions are simply to hard to be told again. A few days after this mandate, Frank found that this way of punishment would not suffice, because many of the unicorns were leaving the kingdom or being killed. So, he pronounced in an intone voice (because he did not care anymore about having feeling in his voice) that he would no longer have the gruesome punishments, but he would take magic from their horns as punishments for law-breakers.
Now, I don't know what you know about unicorns, but having their magic taken away weakens a unicorn until they are able to undo the wrong-doer who stole the magic. Now Frank never meant for this to happen, but Charlie and Lola watched from the sidelines as Frank soon lost all of his loyal followers and laughed as his kingdom collapsed, but they never expected Adrienne to come along.
Oh, Adrienne, she was a kind smart and loyal unicorn. She was also Frank's best friend. Charlie and Lola forgot about her because she was not a very open unicorn, and she was not quite as stunning as the rest of them. Now she saw Frank's odd behavior, and she wanted to get to the bottom of it. Now, for some strange reason that is still unknown, Frank was the only unicorn in the kingdom to not know about the evils of Candy Mountain.
So one day, Adrienne followed Frank, Charlie and Lola when Charlie and Lola took Frank to Candy Mountain. Just as Frank was about to step inside the cave, she jumped out of the bushes and screamed "No Frank, don't step inside. That is what is corrupting you!" Frank did not believe what Adrienne was saying, he just pushed her aside and went to play in the cave (or on Candy Mountain) and forgot all about her. Adrienne left alone and sad that her oldest friend had not believed her.
Later that night, once Frank had returned to the palace he thought about the way he had treated Adrienne. He thought about all of the times they had spent together, all the times she had been there for him. She had helped him through every time in his life, whether it was good or bad. She had never lied to him and he realized that he loved her. He loved her with his whole heart, and Adrienne's sweet true love is what changed his heart. He knew it was late at night, but he needed to tell everyone the truth and apologize to Adrienne.
He left the palace at a rushed trot, but then slowly turned into a fast run. He ran halfway across the huge capitol (which is roughly the size of New York, Chicago and London combined) to see Adrienne. He ran straight through the door, not caring about the effect. He would make up for that later. Adrienne was startled at the attack, but even more shocked to see that it was Frank standing there. She started to ask what he was doing there, but he cut her off, saying "Adrienne, I love you. And I realize that I was stupid, and I should have listened to you." Adrienne laughed at this, but accepted his apology. She also agreed to help him to stay away from those who are jealous and trying to overthrow his power. And in a quiet voice she told him that she also loved him, and always had.
The very next day, he went onto his balcony and called the whole kingdom to stand below him. He had a weird bag with him, and everyone wondered what was going. None of the unicorns were very happy with him still, but they thought it might be something important. With Adrienne right by his side, he apologized to them all. He explained everything to them, and they all understood, and thought him to be foolish for not knowing of the evils of Candy Mountain. In the bag was all their magic, and he returned every ounce of back to each unicorn. He even let the downtrodden unicorns come live in his palace with him. He also publicly humiliated Charlie and Lola by partially putting the blame on them (he also blamed himself) and banished them from his kingdom forever.
We now leave the kingdom, with Frank and Adrienne standing on the balcony of the palace with the entire kingdom below them, and a beautiful clear rainbow above them.

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