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end of the world

January 12, 2023
By blackops2 BRONZE, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
blackops2 BRONZE, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
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The year is now 2154, 9 years ago a nuclear war was waged between the United States, China, and Russia. Earth was completely decimated and was plagued by nuclear fallout. My father, an inventor contracted by the government, made a plan to get off of earth and escape the wrath of the nukes. The great war was a long bloody war that started with China over a worldwide oil shortage. There was a fight over control of the middle east since that is where most of the world's oil comes from and as the war went on and as oil became more scarce, more countries joined in on the side of America and China to the point that it was clear it was going to be a battle to the death for both countries because of the threat of nuclear bombs. At the same time all of that was going on, a giant luxury spaceship was being built as a sort of a cruise ship but for space. It was intended for the rich to go on a cruise to other galaxies and have a population capacity of 3500 people, however when my dad spearheaded the plan to repurpose the ship for long-term housing until the impending nuclear fallout had ended and increased max population to 247,000 people for 9 years. Less than a month after the ship was completed, the worst-case scenario happened so the chosen people selected for survival gathered on the ship and took off into space where we watched the day of reckoning on earth. Today we start the descent back to what has become of earth to recolonize. In 6 hours we will be touching back down on earth after being in the same spot in space 300,000 miles from earth for 9 years. I have a bittersweet feeling in my heart because I am excited to finally move from being in the same spot in space in the crowded ship but I don't want to see what has become of earth. As we get closer to earth we can see that the continents have been broken up from the bombardment of the nukes and new waterways flow through the barren land, my hope that something may have lived on earth is dwindling because of the lack of green. I have been chosen as an expeditionary so I and a group of others will be the first people off of the ship to conduct if the area is safe for human colonization. Therefore, I am required to attend a briefing before landing to get ready for the expedition and go over safety protocols. First, we change into the environmentalists suits and then Mike, the leader of the expedition tells us we will be landing in what was the city of St. Louis Missouri, and he goes over the main details like sticking together and paying attention to your surroundings. Looking out the window I can see the blasted ruins, underneath is a sea of rubble and no buildings were left standing. By now we should be touching down any second so I ready my gun just in case there is any threat. The ship slows and comes to an abrupt stop, the hatch opens up and the bright light from the sun pours in. As we come out of the ship onto the barren land we observe our surroundings and conduct an environment test. Mike tests the air quality and I have the Geiger counter to check for radiation, as expected both tests come back acceptable for human survival so we follow Kent to the closest source of water. When we arrive at the stream of water we come across little dots about an inch around in the mud. As Kent tests the water it becomes apparent that the dots go in a path along the water as if they are the tracks of an animal. Kents test reveals that the water is actually perfectly safe to drink but before we go back to the ship and although no living thing should have survived the bombs, we decide to follow wherever the dots in the mud might lead. In the distance we see something moving, observing from afar it seems as if it is a giant cockroach! This is amazing as there should have been no way anything could have survived but supposedly the radiation mutated it to grow to the size of a cat and the formidable creature has been able to adapt and survive to the extremely harsh environment. As we get closer to the cockroach and it sees us coming, it advances towards us. The cockroach came full speed towards another expeditionary. He backed up to try to get away from it but it got too close and jumped towards him as if to attack but he shot the cockroach midair with his gun and it exploded into pieces.”Holy moly that thing was going to bite me.” Mike gathers us back together and reluctantly we keep following the tracks but the further we go the number of tracks in the mud increases. Kent hesitantly says “There's obviously multiple of these creatures, we should turn back before someone gets hurt.” Mike answers “We have to make sure this area is safe or everyone won't be able to settle down here.” I want to go back to the ship but Mike is right, after all, somebody has to do it. As we round the corner we come across a bustling den of giant ants. We thought the cockroach was big but these ants are the size of bears. We all run back to the ship while trying to fend for ourselves but the ants are too quick and easily catch up to us. Our bullets seem to have little to no effect against their armored exoskeleton. Our small group gets picked off one by one by the attacks of the ants using their pincers to slice through flesh. We are getting closer to the ship but it's just me and Mike left, he hands me the keycard since I'm faster than he is so I run ahead. I made it to the door of the ship and look behind me but Mike wasn't there so I open the door and run inside. I rush to close the door but an ant gets stuck under the door while it is closing, crushing the ant but the door is still open far enough that ants start walking inside the ship. I take cover in a room and can hear the screams of people getting attacked by the ants. I run over to a lady to help her find cover, an ant gets to her first so I run back to the room that I was in but come across the ant queen. Here minions chase after me and I try to run away but have nowhere to go. The ants overtake me and I feel them ripping me apart. I try to let out a scream but I can't.

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story about fantasy that was written in english class

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