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January 26, 2018
By papercw BRONZE, Eugene , Oregon
papercw BRONZE, Eugene , Oregon
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When the painful noise of Sarah’s alarm clock going off she, rolls over and shuts it off. Sarah takes her time stretching, and checking her phone before getting out of her bed. The sun is glaring into her room and is blinding her, so she runs over and yanks on her curtains.

It takes her about an hour to get ready for school everyday. She grabs a piece of toast, and runs out the door to her car. When she got to school she parked next to her group of friends and jumps out and starts chatting with them. As they are all walking to class, she sees Kevin. Sarah’s heart starts beating faster and she feels like she is burning up to a crisp. Kevin is the boy she likes. Kevin smoothly gives her the nod most high school boys like to perform to look cool.

Sarah smiles back and says hesitantly, “Hi.”

Once Kevin is out of range her and her friends giggle.

One of her friends Ryan, mutters, “Dude he totally likes you!”

Sarah was feeling excited inside but just brushes it off and acts like he does not have an interest in him.

When she is just about to go to bed that same evening Kevin texts her and asked if she wanted to hang after school tomorrow, and go hiking.

Sarah screams for minutes in excitement then calmly responds, “Yeah that would be fun, I think I am free.”

The next day after school, they meet at his car and go to an easy hiking spot near their school. The entire time they had so much to talk about, which made Sarah like him so much more.

By the time they got back to the car it was pitch black out. As Sarah was opening the door to the passenger seat, Kevin grabs her by her hand, pulls her in close to him and kisses

her. Sarah was taken by surprise and panics and turns slightly away but the turns back around and grabs the side of his face and kisses him back. Sarah and Kevin have their special moment then get back into his car.
When Sarah arrives at her home, she immediately calls her friends and told them about her evening. Sarah has never felt this way in a while, she is filled with good emotions.

A few weeks have past now and things have been going very well between Kevin and Sarah. They have plans to hangout after school. Sarah waits for him at her car but he never shows up or texts her back. Sarah got in her car and drove home, she was worried something bad had happened to him because he has never done this before.

A few hours later he texts her and asks if he can come over and chat.

Sarah began feeling stressed but replied “Yes come over now.”

Kevin was at her door a few minutes later and they decide to go on a walk. Kevin says he has to end things with her, because of one of his bestfriends, Jake. Jake used to like Sarah and is mad that they are together and tells kevin that he will not be his friends anymore if him and Sarah continue to be together. When those words came out of Kevin’s mouth she immediately feels like her chest just crumbled to pieces.

When Sarah get into her bed she begins balling. This did not make sense, why does his

friends have the right to do this? All sorts of questions began building up in her head.

The next day as Sarah was walking to class, she makes eye contact with Kevin and he smiles but she turns her head and walks away. Sarah regrets doing that but now she has no clue how to act around Kevin. Sarahs friends keep telling her how stupid this situation is that Jake should not be an issue because nothing happened between her and Jake.

A few weeks went by and Sarah and Kevin barely talk, occasional smile, text, awkward interaction. Sarah was still upset, she could never stop thinking about him.

All week one of her classmates had been planning a party, and Friday finally came around and everyone was excited for school to get out and nighttime to arrive. Sarah and her friends headed over to Sarah’s house after school to get ready. Lately Sarah cannot find herself laughing with her friends like she used to, she feels empty inside. Sarah forced herself to try and have fun while they all got ready.

At around 10, they all get into sarah’s car and drive over to the party. When they arrived half of their class was already there. When Sarah walked to the kitchen, there she saw, Kevin. Sarah had never felt so anxious in her life, she quickly pretends she did not see him, but that does not work.

Kevin grabs her by her arm and says, “Lets go for a walk.”

When they reached the end of the street,

Kevin grabs Sarah by her waist and whispers, “I miss you.”

Without saying anything Sarah leans in and kisses him. Everything feels right again, Sarah is in pure bliss.

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