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It can Change your Mind sequel

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous

The room is silent; the lights are out, as we await the continuation of the bedtime story.

If you don't remember, which you shouldn't be blamed for because of all the other fantastic tales you've read in you lifetime, the story began with 'Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a princess who was garrulous like her pet gorilla'. This princess was named Eloquence and she desired nothing more than to be a normal contemptuous teenager. No, this wasn't a 'we all live happily ever after' story like the insipid ones you find on the shelves of a drama queen's bedroom. This tale was inspired by a young dork who managed to use grandiloquent language while creating circumlocution, a task that any normal teenager would find quite difficult. The story was left off as the King and Queen shared with us that they wanted their daughter to grow up to be a respectable young lady. Eloquence was going to be attending the University of Fashonista with her best friend Rant. Eloquence was usually a top A+ student, but she's been complacement to work for it and therefore has gotten only a C+ in her fashion class. Her parents, yes they cannot help but being braggarts, boasted all winter long about their daughter's accomplishments and how she would be attending the University of Fashonista to become an ostentatious fashion designer that spring. Little did they know that Eloquence had met a young egoistical fellow named Narcissistic, and her chances of still attending this fantastic university would be at risk. As much as Narcissistic was a super hot guy and had all the young ladies at his feet, he had also fallen in love with himself. Once Narcissistic came along, the spending time with friends and family was taken away from Eloquence who just ninety-six hours ago gave this self centered guy the label 'boyfriend.' Rant along with Rage and Clarity, who were famous for being the opposite of haughty, as their catchy phrase for 'I have some juicy gossip' was 'it's naughty to be haughty,' began to miss their dear friend Eloquence as she was taken captive by an arrogant man and they barely got to see her pale, supermodel face anymore. After two weeks, two hours, and two minutes had gone by, the girls couldn't keep their disdainful comments to themselves when Eloquence acted foolish with Narcissistic. As they were working up the guts to tell her how she had changed from a quiet, respectable young lady to a wile, insolent b****, all in two weeks, two hours, and two minutes, a sudden scream, shriek, yell, howl caught them off guard. Then out of nowhere, after canceling girls nights and ignoring, Eloquence rushed in. Her face red, nose full of snot and tears rolling down her face; she didn't even care that mascara had left purple streaks across her face. The girls knew that this was major, and it only meant one thing had happened. Something happened with Narcissistic. The only question was what had happened. That night they all went to Clarity's house for a sympathetic slumber party. Popcorn popped, candles were lit, and the vanilla scent wafted through the room. It was time for the gossip. Eloquence began her story with the ringing words 'he has the biggest supercilious attitude ever.' Through the sobs she shared with her girlies how she had brought him to her mother's annual 'kissed and dissed ball' and since she was the newest of the royal clan and therefore a guest of honor, she had requested that he swagger from room to room with her. But he refused and instead made a scene. He used the most insolent words known to mankind and she was brutally embarrassed for bringing such a hot arrogant young man to the ball. Rage, known for her expressive ways to get rid of anger, stopped the story saying they needed to have some peaceful yoga time. As the soft, relaxing, meditating music drifted through the vanilla scented air, the girls practiced the sways of their hips and the breathing techniques they had learned from watching 'Yoga 4 Dummies.' They fell asleep that night, with stuffed stomachs and thoughts of hot arrogant young men. And although they might have lived happily ever after, they still were as pretentious as ever.

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