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A Tail of Two

October 30, 2008
By Anonymous

There was this boy names James he lived a normal life with a normal girlfriend and the perfect parents in the most normal house. On perfect Street his girl friends name was Sara. Sara and James have been going out for 5mo. Everything is going great till.

That MONDAY! That dreadful, awful Monday. The Monday what was she going to meet Adrian. They were walking down the hallway and Sara dropped her paper but didn’t even know it, Adrian pick it up and says, Excuse me miss did you drop this. As Sara turns around with hesitation she says coquettishly, yes I did. As Adrian caught her eye. They started talking and flirting and before you know it Adrian asked her out on a date and with out hesitation she said yes. When she went back to class she sat next to James as always but knew she was thinking about Adrian.

James asked Sara was she was doing to night and she had to make up a lie because she knew she was going on a date with Adrian. Now Sara liked James but she was bored she wanted something new some adventure and she was interested in James anymore. But she couldn’t break his heart and break up with him, and she didn’t want to like someone and that not go the ways she wanted, and end up lonely and heart broken so she stayed with him risking him finding out.

The next morning Sara calls her best friend (Dorothy) on the phone and tells her everything, since they don’t live next to each other they can’t be there when stuff happens. Dorothy thinks she going to get caught but lets her do what she wants to cause it’s not her relationship. At school Sara goes to her locker and gets ready for school, Adrian surprises her by showing up as soon as she closes her locker door and they mingle right before the bell, when the bell rings Adrian walks her to class. He invites her to his house for a party he’s having on Friday, hoping she comes he say, please will you come. Pondering weather or not she wants to go, she pauses for a moment and says, sure ill go, can’t wait.

As the day goes on she spend the majority of it with James but he mind is totally on Adrian when ever James asks, What wrong sweetie? She says nothing honey and smiles. The day goes on and she continues to think of him and when she sees him she can’t do anything but flirt and giggles.

Meanwhile James can hint the difference in Sara and no matter how he asks the answer is always going to be nothing. So one day he walking thorugh the mall and meets this wonder, cute girl named Dorothy. He has no idea its Sara best friend. The day of the dance comes around and she is excited waiting for Adrian’s phone call she prepares her self putting on her good perfume and making sure every piece of hair is in place she walks down the stairs and paces the floor waiting for the door bell to ring. The door bells rings she pauses and then she goes to it she doesn’t want to seem like she was waiting so she hesitates and then it rings again and she opens it wit the fluttering of butterflies in her stomach.

She opens the door and Adrian says you look nice tonight as she turns to get the keys and her jacket, hoping he notices her outfit as she turned around. He such a gentleman she thinks as he opens the door to his car and she climbs in and they are off to his house for the party. Meanwhile James is getting ready while Dorothy waits down stairs, James puts on his best cologne and combs his hair and walks down stairs to surprise Dorothy and they are off to Adrian’s party.

Adrian and Sara arrive to party and they walk in and Adrian introduces Sara to everyone, then show her the house toward the end of the tour Sara asks Adrian if there is anywhere she can put her jacket she he thinks he know where this is going and says down the hall and to the right. Sara walks in and put her stuff down Adrian says ill be right back the door bell rang. Little do they know at the door is James and Dorothy.

James and Dorothy wait patiently at the door and then Adrian opens it after like 5 minutes of them standing there. James and Dorothy walk in and talk to a couple of friends while Adrian goes back up stair to his room where Sara is waiting. He walks in and finds Sara busy looking at his kid pictures he decides to scare her by putting his arms around he he says. Hey hun having fun, she turns and says yea a little. They both lean in and they kiss and they have this wonder passionate kiss. Meanwhile James and Dorothy walked around the house and they make there way up to the room and they think it’s empty.

The door slowly turns and Adrian and Sara are on the bed into there kiss, being so close to be caught. The door is almost open and Dorothy can’t wait to go in she screams SARA! And James yell you cheated on me with Adrian and Sara says you were going do the same thing with my best friend Dorothy. Now what don’t come at me with that nonsense boy.

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on Oct. 26 2019 at 2:02 pm
QueenOfTheWorld SILVER, Joplin, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"One should never save cake for later when it can be eaten now"
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It was good, but like Hermoine_Granger said it was kind of choppy.

on Oct. 11 2018 at 8:22 am
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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This was a cool story, but it's choppy and there are a lot of grammatical errors that you should fix. But otherwise, it was a really good story!

on Oct. 7 2013 at 10:14 am
Adaijah.Smith SILVER, West Haven, Connecticut
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"You are not where you come from"

wow really great. It kept me wanting kore at the end