Love At First Sight

It's been 3 years since he has seen her. They only met for a brief second, but for the past 1095 days it's all that has been on his mind. He keeps hoping and praying that the cold ferocious fall wind will pull them back together but he knows that the chances of that ever happening are slimmer than the cracks in the sidewalk.

Like any other November day, the sun beamed as the wind blew harder than ever. The leaf usually just flows by without a care until he realized where he was.
"The Dorchester park," he thought to himself in amazement.
The wind stopped and he landed on the park bench. His heart began to shake as he reminisced the day he met her. He didn't even get her name, but he remembers everything from that day. He didn't know what it was about her but he knew that if he could, he would spend the rest of his eternal life with her. The wind blew but he didn't move. He figured out that some snotty little kid had spilled candy on the bench and he was now stuck. He sighed and zoned out. Moments later, he felt a presence. He opened his eyes and there she was. The girl he's dreamt about every night for the past 1094 nights. He teemed with anxiety as she inched her way over to him with a little help from the wind. She too, was as happy as ever, for her feelings for him were nothing but mutual. She giggled at the fact that he was stuck, but being compelled by her feelings she inched her way into the sticky mess and laid right next to him.
"Do you believe in love her first sight?" she asked. He smiled and nodded.

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