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The Red Ink of Jealousy

March 12, 2012
By ThatCheekyMonkey SILVER, Cork, California
ThatCheekyMonkey SILVER, Cork, California
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It was an Saturday morning, looking refreshing and new. The youthful breeze whispering the first days of spring and All the cherry blossom blooming . Nate and Rose had decided to make their special day in the suburbs of Tokyo, where they could experience that magnificent sight while uniting their hearts.

“Knock Knock” Crystal said in a gleeful attitude. “Crystal? Come in” said Nate glad to hear her voice. She entered. Nate was wearing a baby blue Tuxedo with a black bow. He was shaved and had perfectly groomed hair.

“Wow, you look different” stoldd him amuseds appereance. Seeing a guy once in a life time wearing something else than his wellys, really, does make a difference. He looked back at her and his words got caught up in his throat. “You look….” he began. “Save it lover boy” she giggled at his sillyness. “You sure you want this?” she asked Maturely. His mind was playing tricks, he couldn’t make his mind up.
“You alright? She asked him walking over to him and sitting him down on a rocky wooden chair which stood in the corner.

“I feel a bit nauseous” toldd her placing his right palm on his forehead.

“It’s probably because you’re nervous” she claimed avoiding to look into his eyes. She Than remembered why she had come to him and stood up.
“I have to tell you something ,I can’t stand you with Rose, !I can’t stand seeing you with anybody! Seeing you with her makes my heart hurt like hell, How you look at her, how you kiss her, makes me melt . Im jealous of her. I want to be her.” She raced wwithout a breath, he stood up. “I l…”she started but didn’t finish because Paul came rushing in through the door.
“The ceremony is starting, come on Nate” he ordered him. Nate walked over to the door and looked back at Crsytal “I’m sorry” he said feeling guilty and walked through the door to attend his ceremony.

Crystal sat down on the rocking chair and burst out into tears. “I shouldn’t have told him” she cried “why did I tell him? He wont want to talk to me again after all this” she took out a tissue out of her bag and walked over to the bathroom which was across from her chair. She wetted the tissue with tap water “why can’t I be like her” she looked at the mirror wipeing her dripping mascara and ruined make-up of her face. “ why can’t I be as beautiful as she is? Why can’t I be with him?“ she cried looking at her destroyed face in the mirror.

“WHERE THE HELL IS CRYSTAL?!” shouted Rose from the hallway panicking “She has my EARINGS!” angrily she walked into the grooms room dialing her number over and over again. She noticed the ringing phone on the cleared glass table and walked over to it. “She left the damn cell phone here so I wouldn’t find her. “Uhhh” she said annoyed. She picked up the phone . She noticed unanswered phone calls, which were from her and also a message . She wanted to open it but heard someone in the bathroom. Walking over to the bathroom she opened the message and read it.

Crystal finished wiping her face “why did I bother” she asked herself “ I won’t go to the ceremony anyway” She opened the cupboard behind the mirror and noticed sleeping pills. She took the pill box and opened the top of it. “ I love you Nate” she confessed to herself and poured a few pills on her left hand.. When someone abruptly opened the bathroom door

She could see It was Rose. Her natural blonde hair and blue eyes she always dreamed of. “Bloody b****” said Rose to Crystal “ No worry you won’t be needing these”.

Crystal turned around and felt a sudden pain on her left side of the chest. She looked down and all she seen was a Cake knife which was suppost to be used in today’s ceremony stuck in her chest with blood pouring down. “why?” Crystal asked puzzled.

“this “she answered showing her the message on crystal’s phone which said.

Im Breaking it off with Rose.

I love you. I had always loved you.

Meet me in the stable. Xxx

She looked at the message and smiled .

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on Mar. 15 2012 at 12:30 pm
ThatCheekyMonkey SILVER, Cork, California
7 articles 1 photo 10 comments

Favorite Quote:
Expect the Unexpected <3

Sorry for that long distance but i wrote it on microsoft thing nd i didnt know there was so much space happening when i post it. :p