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Brand New Day

January 5, 2009
By kathryn30 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
kathryn30 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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First day at a new school. Great. That's the one thing about my parents that drives me crazy, they can't stay in one place for too long. Not because of a job or anything, they just get bored. At least it is my senior year and soon I will be able to do my own thing, but for now I am in Williams High School in Austin Texas in the middle of October. This should be fun.

I decided to have my mom drive me to school, although i have a car (a nice one i might add), but i have no idea where this school is and for some reason it is helping me calm my nerves having her here.
My mom has always been like that for me, i think she has a sort of homely feel, with her tan skin (she sunbathes), blue eyes, rosy cheeks, light brown hair and is always wearing a floral dress, even in the winter. My dad on the other hand is the complete opposite, pale skin, black hair, and is pretty much always wearing dark clothes. And i have no idea why or how they ended up together, maybe the whole "opposites attract" thing is true. I guess you could say i am in between the two. I don't sunbathe, but i am not ghostly white like my dad. I have fair skin, blue eyes and brownish-reddish hair. I like color, but not to much when it comes to my clothes. My converses are my best friends (I have like 10 different pairs.)

We pulled up to the school. Crap.
"It will be alright sweetie, you first day is always going to be nerve racking," my mom said pleasantly, of course.
"Yeah," i mumbled and got out of the car.
Why do new things scare me so much? You would think with all the times i have moved and been forced to meet new people, that i would be used to change, but it is my worst fear.
I headed down the hallway. "Okay," i said to myself "just need to find the office." But where was the office? Crap, again. I could ask someone, but what if they just look at me like i am crazy. "Just ask someone," i thought. I was beginning to have an internal war with myself (I tend to do that a lot) "Um...," i began looking at people, looking for the right one to talk to, when suddenly from behing me came a very high and enthusiastic voice.
"Are you lost?," said some girl with bright red hair, lots of freckles and bright green eyes.
"Um... yeah... i was just looking for the office."
"Oh yeah, it's right around the corner. I'll show you," said the ginger girl.
"Great... thanks."
"By the way my name is Lydia Elizabeth Taylor. I am the senior class president. I practically run the school." She laughed.
"Oh, I'm Sara Daveigh Tyler, I just moved here from Portland." I decided to say my full name, just as she did. But i definitely did not have the title she had, nor would i ever want it.
"Wow Portland, doesn't it rain like all the time up there?," she questioned.
"Most of the time, but when the sun comes out, it is so beautiful." I really did love Oregon, it was my favorite state out of all the places I've lived. Cold, rain, and snow is what i live for.
"Well Texas is definitely not like that, just wait until the summer, it is like 100 degrees all the time." Lydia said it like it was no big deal.
Crap, i thought again. I hate the heat.
"I hate the heat," i thought i might as well tell the truth.
"Oh well at least you came during the fall, it is not so bad during this time, well most of the time."

We arrived at the office and i thanked Lydia for helping me, but now i wanted to be alone and find myself around this school.
First period: Contemporary Issues with Mrs. Rhine. The class sounded interesting, so i decided to go with it. I somehow managed to find the class, but during the time of searching, the bell had rang and everyone was in class, except me. Crap. I would have to go into class with everyone staring at me. Oh well. "Just take a deep breath," i thought. I walked in, everyone was in their seats and noticed the only available seat was in the back row, next to what do you know, a gorgeous guy. Brown with blond speckled hair, big brown eyes and olive skin. Oh my gosh. I have to sit next to him?
Boys were never my thing. My only real boyfriend was this idiot my freshman year and that didn't last very long.
"Class," Mrs. Rhine announced "this is Sara Tyler, she just moved here from Oregon. Be nice and make her feel welcome."
Uh, i hate being presented to the class, like I am some kind of freak.

I took my seat next to The Guy and pulled out my notebook.
"Hey do you have a pen i could borrow." Came from a beautiful voice next to me.
I looked up and The Guy had spoken to me.
"Uh... I..." I was mumbling and couldn't speak real words. I just scrambled though my backpack and pulled out a pen. I handed it to him without saying a word.
"Thanks," The Guy said.
What is wrong with me, why can't I talk to a guy, so what if he is gorgeous?

For an hour and a half I kept my eyes on the lecture Mrs. Rhine was giving about the presidential election. And not once did we speak again. The bell rang and we headed for our next class. The Guy even took off with my pen.

Then i realized that if i could barely handle one guy that i will see every other day. Then this will be a really long year.

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on Oct. 13 2009 at 5:34 pm
kathryn30 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Well it stemmed out of me being a fan of the Twilight Saga, but it ends up being not a lot like it. It is different, no vampires or werewolves. But if you actually do want to read more, I have a blog with the whole story. It is really long, like a proper book, but obviously not great. It is at

Let me know what you think. And thanks for the feedback.

biddycakes said...
on Oct. 13 2009 at 4:08 pm
biddycakes, Charlotte, North Carolina
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wow i really liked that but a little more detail could help and it reminded me of twilight lol now i have to wonder whats going to happen in this story

Sora57 said...
on Jan. 10 2009 at 2:05 pm
I like it, but it's a little redundant in parts. Also, other parts aren't descriptive-what does teh school look like, for example? You do a good job with her emotions, though.