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All For You

November 1, 2011
By KJC1211 BRONZE, Kempton, Pennsylvania
KJC1211 BRONZE, Kempton, Pennsylvania
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Trust is like Paper, Once crumbled it can Never be PERFECT Again.

“No! Please don’t go!” Kila whined

“Kila, I have to,” Logan replied.

“No you don’t! Can’t you just say you don’t want to fight? What if something goes wrong? What if you get hurt? Logan please!” Kila protested. She grabbed his arm and held it tight, although that didn’t hurt Logan. He was too big for her grip to do any harm. Logan wrapped his arm around Kila’s waist, pulling her closer.

“Kila…” Logan kissed her forehead, “I can’t, we decided to fight. I gave my word to Brian.”

Kila looked up at him, “He’s broken his word to you several times. Can’t you do it just once?” protested Kila.

“But I don’t do that.” Logan said

“You won’t even betray him after what he’s done, what he’s done to me.” said Kila. Brian used to be Logan’s best friend back in 5th grade up until 9th grade when Logan started dating Kila. Brian just always hated Kila, Logan didn’t know why and he’d often ask but Brian would just say he didn’t like her. Eventually at the end 9th grade Brian told Logan he had to choose; Kila or Brian. Logan choose Kila because he loved her and he didn’t ever want to hurt her. Brian would always say that Logan would one day regret the decision he had made and he would often threaten Kila.

“Kila, I don’t want to fight but I don’t have a choice.”

“I know. I guess there’s nothing I can’t do to change your mind about fighting though?” Kila asked with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Nope. My mind is made up and so is Brian’s. Ill fight for you till the day I die, I-”

Kila cut him off. “Don’t say that! It scares me.”

“I love you,” Logan finished.

“I love you too and that’s why I don’t want you to go get your self hurt.” As Kila said that their friend Matt came in to the room.

“Logan, are you ready? Brian’s here and he said you better come out now.” Matt said. Logan looked down at Kila and saw I single tear roll down her cheek as she look at him.

“Yeah I’m ready, just give me a minute” Logan answered. Matt understood and just nodded his head and walked out of the building. “Don’t cry, please don’t cry. Everything will be ok. Now do you remember what I told you to do?” Kila nodded her head. Logan continued, “Ok good. And stay there once you get there, but in case someone finds you I want you to have this.” Logan pulled a knife out of his pocket and placed it in Kila’s hand. “Put it in your boot.” Kila did as she was told.

“Logan I’m worried. I don’t like this” Kila said as she stood up.

“Yeah I know me either. But I’ll do what I have to do to protect you.” Logan replied. He pulled her closer and kissed her. She kissed him back, neither one of them wanting to let go afraid if what was awaiting them. Finally when they broke apart Logan grabbed her and they headed out of the safety if the little abandon log cabin in the woods. They walked up to the group of friends waiting for them. Logan in the lead, Kila right behind him and their friends on both sides of her and behind they walked to the clearing, where they would fight. When they got to the clearing they found Brian and his gang waiting in the middle. They walked up to them and spread out man on man.”Careful” Logan whispered to Kila.

“Well, well I wasn’t sure you’d ever show up. I definitely didn’t expect to see you here Kila. How are you baby doll? Miss me?” Brian taunted. Logan tensed up and Kila placed a hand on his back. “You wouldn’t smart to bring her here Logan, I thought you were smarted than that. She’ll get hurt”
“She isn’t staying” Logan said tensely.
“Oh, isn’t she? Is that true Kila? Are you not staying?” Kila just stared at Brian coldly. “Well that’s too bad I wanted to have some fun for a change.” Said Brian, he had a big smirk on his face. Very quickly Kila pushed her way past Logan and slapped Brian across that face.
“I hope you get hurt tonight, but don’t regret it, oh no never regret it.” She said into his ear. Logan grabbed her and pulled her back as Brian took a swing at her. He punched Brian hard in the face, knocking him over.
He turned to Kila and said “Now! Go! Run!” She did. Kila turned and took off for the bushed that had planned for her hide in. As Logan watched her run off all the pride and confidence he had suddenly vanished. That was Kila running, his Kila. Not sure when he’d see her again he took in everything about her. Her slim lightly tanned body, her light brown hair sleekly pulled back in a ponytail, he could see her face in his head smiling, laughing and crying. Then as he looked at her still all his confidence and pride returned. The voice in his head was saying ‘That’s your Kila, you love her and you want to protect her, so now protect her.’ She had reached the bushes so he turned his attention back to Brian, who was getting back to his feet. He glared at Logan the lounged at him. Logan was ready and attacked back. Suddenly everyone was fighting in the clearing
“Now! Go! Run!” Logan said to her. Those were the words Kila didn’t want to hear. But she had no choice so turned and ran. She ran for the bushes. When she got there she turned around and saw Logan staring at the bushes. She could have sworn he was looking rite at her and looking in to her soul seeing all her emotions. That’s how intense he stare was. Kila looked at Logan. She loved him. She was afraid for his life. As she looked at him now every part of her relaxed, that’s what looking at him did to her; it relaxed her completely.
She took in all she saw. He broad shoulders and arms; tons and tons of muscle, his short very light brown cropped hair. His long muscular body, yes he was tall, never tall. She always felt small next to him, being only 5’7”, he was 6’3” at least. To her, he was beautiful, perfect face, perfect body and most important to her his perfect character. He was sweet and kind, funny, protective, sensitive and maybe not the smartest but that didn’t matter to her. He was everything she wanted and more. He turned away from her and the fighting began. She tried to keep track of Logan but if was hard from where she was. She would catch glimpses of him and Brain and Matt, but she couldn’t follow any of them. Kila started getting nerves about not being able to watch Logan.
Then she heard something that interested her, just not in a good way. She saw Logan! He was surrounded by a couple of Brian’s men. Matt she saw tried to get to Logan but got pushed away and tackled by someone else. Kila looked for Brian. He was closer to her, on the same half of the clearing he was making his way over to Logan on the other far end of the clearing. She knew what was going to happen. So she took off! She ran towards Brian not sure of what was going to happen when she reached him. Before she reached him though he saw her and turned to her and pulled something off his belt.
“BANG!” Logan jumped up! No one stopped him. All the fighting stopped. Logan looked around and saw that everyone was just as confused as her was. Everyone except Brian, of course Brian. Brian held a gun up in the air. “Hey! What the heck are u doing? We had one rule! One freaking rule and you couldn’t even follow it! No guns!” Logan screamed. He turned to Matt who was now next to him, “Matt get Kila.” Matt turned to the bushed. “What is wrong with you?! You know better!” Logan continued to yell at Brian. Brian just looked at Logan and smiled. Logan turned to the bushing and saw Matt running back to him; alone
“She wasn’t there Logan. I looked, but she wasn’t there.” Matt said. Logan suddenly got a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach.
“Where is she?! Where is Kila?! Where is she Brian?”Brian just continued to stare at Logan.
“Logan! There she is!”It was Logan’s friend Thomas who said he found her. Logan looked where Thomas was pointing and there lying in the grass was Kila’s lifeless looking body.
“No! No!” Logan said over and over under his breath as he ran to her. He knelt down in the grass beside her. “Kila? Kila baby can you hear me? It’s me, Logan.” Kila turned her hear and looked at Logan.
“Logan…” Her voice was faint. Logan could tell it hurt her to talk. “Logan I’m so sorry. I should have stayed where I was but I saw you and Brian and I just, well I didn’t-”
“No, shhh shhhh, don’t talk. It’s ok.” Logan interrupted her. He couldn’t bear the pain she sounded like she was in. “Matt come here and help! Please! Someone grab Brian.” Matt ran up to Kila and Logan and Thomas and Anthony grabbed Brian. Brian made no attempt to do anything against the order to hold him. Logan turned to Matt, “Matt help me! I don’t know what to do!” Matt asked Logan for his shirt to try and stop the bleeding. Logan took off his shirt and handed it to Matt. Matt took it and held it against Kila’s gun shoot wound. The bleeding didn’t stop. Logan realized what was going to happen. He started to get really mad then he looked down at Kila and started to cry.
This time it was Kila who comforted Logan, “Hey, hey, it’s ok. Please don’t cry Logan. It will be ok.” Kila knew she was telling Logan an empty promise. She knew she was going to die. But she was kind of ok with that. She had Logan right next to her so she was ok. Kila was afraid to die. She was afraid of what Logan would do once she died. “Logan it’s going to be ok. Don’t worry, please.” Logan looked at Kila and she could see the hurt in his eyes as much as she could feel the pain from the bullet. She knew she had to tell him before she died. “Logan, Logan baby…” She was basically whispering because the pain was so bad. “Logan I love you, I love you so much!” She was in so much pain now, breathing was becoming painful, she wanted to scream and cry out. But she knew she had to keep it together for Logan. “I love you Logan Klyne. I-” Logan looked up.
“Kila! Kila!! Kila no!!!!” Logan held Kila’s head in his heads. She wasn’t moving, she wasn’t breathing! “Kila!! Kila!!” Matt cam and put his hand on Logan’s shoulder. She was dead. Kila was dead and Logan knew it. “You!!” he pointed to Brian. Suddenly he was on his feet running toward Brian. “This is all you fault! You shoot her! You killed Kila!!! How could you?” When Brian gave no response Logan was outraged. He ran to Kila’s dead body and got what only he knew she had; a knife. Logan pulled the knife out of Kila’s boot, walked up to Brian and punched him in the gut with he free hand. Brian fell to the ground groaning in pain. Logan walked about half way between Kila’s dead body and Brian. “Kila was right I hope you never regret tonight!” and with that he raised the knife and plunged it into his chest.
“NO!!” Brian and Matt both yelled at the same time. Matt ran up to Logan and helped him to the ground. “I love her” was all Matt caught Logan say, and then he was dead. Logan and Kila both dead. Kila murdered by Brian with a gun and Logan killed himself because he couldn’t live without Kila. Brian walked up to Matt
“I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t mean to kill Kila and I didn’t mean for Logan to kill himself.” Brian said. Matt looked at Brian.
“I know” was all he was able to say. Matt and Brian told everyone to go home, just go home. Without speaking they carried Logan’s body over to Kila’s. They placed his hand on hers, and then just stood there in silence for a few moments.
Looking at Logan and Kila, Brian said in a whisper to Matt, “He really loved her didn’t he?” Matt nodded his head not taking his eyes off the bodies.
“Yeah he did, and she loved him back just the same.” He choked up. Not saying a word the walked home.
Matt and Brian became the closest of friends after that. They don’t like talking about it, but every once and a while they will look at the picture they both have a copy and shed a tear when no one is looking. The picture is a photo of Kila on Logan’s back with her arms around his neck, he was smiling at the camera and she was kissing him on the cheek. Matt had taken the photo exactly two weeks before Logan and Kila died for each other.

The author's comments:
I wrote this story shortly after my ex-boyfriend and I broke up. I based my two main characters after him and myself. I knew that at one point he would have died to protect me from anything and would have died if something happened to me. Even though I see him everyday I really miss him. And this story reminds me of the him I used to know.

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omigosh I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! i cried when i read this!! :'( you are a great writer keep it up!!