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The Summer That Changed Everything (pt.8)

May 18, 2011
By Tayrodactyl PLATINUM, Palmyra, Indiana
Tayrodactyl PLATINUM, Palmyra, Indiana
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When we got to the salon I was less than excited. My mom is the only one I let touch my hair, and I don’t like having other people dye it. Not long after we got our hair done we were at the carnival where Andy’s band would be playing that night. At first all I could think about was Ben, and whether or not I would be home in time to see him. As the day turned into dusk I began to relax and almost forget about meeting Ben. I got up from one of the games, turned around to leave, and bumped into something hard.

As I was apologizing and ready to move on I looked up and saw the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. Ben. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me in a warm embrace. I closed my eyes and felt my heart fill with joy. He was here. I didn’t care about my cousin standing there watching me hug someone she thought was a stranger.
“Who are you?” Kerry asked with her hands on her hips after he had let me go.
“Ben. You must be Kerry.” He smiled, extending his hand for her to shake.
“Ben?” Kerry said, but it came out as a question.
“I didn’t tell you about him…” I told her nervously.
“No, you didn’t. Is he the person you’ve been running off to see every night? I thought you were… Ya-Know… with Damien.” She said confused.
“God no. I’ll explain later.” I replied.

She rolled her eyes at me, but didn’t question anything. She just walked away and let me spend time with Ben. I knew that I’d be interrogated later, but for now Ben and I were alone. We got on the Ferris wheel and we cuddled. I felt his heart beating, and I knew he could hear mine too. I closed my eyes and he hummed a song, but I wasn’t sure what it was. It could have been something by Stephen Jerzak or Nevershoutnever, but like I said, I wasn’t sure.

The author's comments:
Sorry it took so long, and it's so short. Writer's block.

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on Jun. 24 2011 at 9:46 pm
Tayrodactyl PLATINUM, Palmyra, Indiana
20 articles 1 photo 62 comments
well, for anyone who is still interested I'm sorry. It's taking forever to be accepted or whatever