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For Only Two Mnutes

November 17, 2010
By emmernemmer PLATINUM, Stockton, California
emmernemmer PLATINUM, Stockton, California
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I walked slowly, well, slower then usual. Unlike people walking faster I walked slower to “catch up”. I have to admit, he is a very slow walker. When I “caught up” to him I said hi and he replied quite simply, “Hey Liz.”

I began to talk about how I didn’t do too bad in PE today and then he began to talk about something he did also at PE and I listened until I didn’t understand what he was saying anymore. I looked at him every once in a while and sort of just pretended to listen. I smiled and enjoyed my two minutes with him. But, I was dying slowly. You see, he was one of the most forbidden boys in the school.

He had dated my friend. We were in high school and they both were a year older then me. We were all friends before they dated. When they broke up I felt guilty because I was kind of happy. While they were dating I tried not to think about how much I liked him. At the beginning of the year I discovered if I walked a little slower I could talk to him. Well for two minutes. That’s all I had to talk to him. But I loved every second.

It was like every other day. I walked slowly and talked to him. But halfway to my class in the midst of our conversation I saw it. I practically stopped. I must have slowed down a lot because he stopped. His brown eyes scanned my expression.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Look.” I pointed to the sign for the dance.

“What’s wrong with there being a dance?”

“My friends are going to make me slow dance there. Mostly with losers.”

“It’s okay. If they’re about to make you dance with someone you don’t want to I’ll ask you to dance and save you okay?” He assured me.

“Okay. I guess.” I said shyly.

“Good. Well see ya.” He smiled at me and walked away. I smiled back.

I couldn't believe it! He said if I needed help to get away from my friends he would ask me to dance! EEEP!


The day of the dance I could hardly stand it. I might get to dance with my crush. But I shouldn't get my hopes up. I WON’T get my hopes up.


When walked into the GYM I was instantly surrounded by my friends.

“OMG Liz. There is a boy who we can totally set you up with.” They went on and on. But as I was about to slip away, a slow song began to play. I backed away from them when Dylan walked up.

“Sorry, but I believe she has already promised me a dance.” He winked at me and I smiled. He pulled me out onto the dance floor, put his arms around my waist and we began to dance. He smiled at me again.

“Thanks. But they won’t give up.” I said.

“Even if you have a boyfriend?” He asked.

“Probably not then.” I replied unsure.

“Then you need a boyfriend.” He said.

“Well ya but who is going to be my boyfriend.”

“I’ve got a guy in mind.” He said slyly.”


“Me.” He mumbled.

“Really?” I couldn’t belive it.

“If you don’t want to it’s oka-”

“No I want to go out with you really.” I said, “I’m just shocked.”

“Great.” He instantly brightened.

So this is what heaven feels like?

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on Nov. 23 2010 at 8:15 pm
rainonroses GOLD, Dayton, Ohio
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Nice job. A little short maybe, but definitely cute and sweet. Keep writing!