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Sometimes, When I think About You

October 20, 2010
By Lost_and_Insecure BRONZE, Monroe, Wisconsin
Lost_and_Insecure BRONZE, Monroe, Wisconsin
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"Let the rain fall down, just be ready for the lightning strike as the thunder rolls."

Dear [Insert crushes name here],

I don't know how to tell you this, but when I think about you, my heart races and my pulse skips a beat. When I look at you, I can feel my cheeks heating up and I know that I'm probably going to regret showing everyone how much I really DO like you. I turn away quickly and try to hide it, but oh no.. one of your so called "Friends" saw and is now plotting..

I quickly walk away and avoid you like the plague, knowing that sometime soon I'll have to face your friend, the one who will torture us both; Me, for having the gigantic crush on you that I've tried oh so hard to hide.. and You, for having me crush on you..

It's uncomfortable for the rest of the day, the rest of the week, actually, but I muddle through it and I know you know, but I still try to hide it.

I know that this will never reach you, but... here I go..

I take a deep breath and turn around one day only to see you standing there, doing the same preperation I'm doing; I can see a small bead of sweat on your brow, I notice your eyes shifting clumsily around before finally you take a few steps toward me and say hi, shyly. I give you a hesitant smile and say hi back.

You look up at me and our eyes lock, and I can feel my emotions going on that rollercoaster ride once again. When I look into your eyes deeply, I can see you feel the same and my heart sweels.

Before I turn away to go to class, I take your hand and place a piece of folded up paper in your palm and we share a secret smile.

All through class I can't stop thinking about you and your cute smile, or the way you laugh.

So, there it is..

My confession..

I only have one request for you.. Don't hurt me like others have hurt you..


[Insert your name here]

The author's comments:
This was just a simple piece, I thought it summed up what I go through with daily life pretty well. A lot of teens go through heartbreak and love every day and I can't help but feel that maybe if more people read this than maybe we wouldn't have people go through all the heartache.

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