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An Affair . . .

December 25, 2009
By ravenluster BRONZE, Brisbane, Other
ravenluster BRONZE, Brisbane, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Because some are never meant to last more than a moment. And this was one of them..." - Kevin Brooks.

"No, we belong together!" Shrieked the knife.
"That is what's intended for us." Replied the fork.
"So, therefore, we should follow it. After all, it's our destiny; we have to obey our fate."
"INTENED! That does not mean it must happen. I cannot live with such a burden. It will constantly bury me in mounds of regret, yearning for the flowers of another life."
"We can. I know I can, I'm sure you can. We can help this, and we will make this, in the end, work out!"
"My life would be one, eventful ball of lies. That - I cannot do! That - I will not do!"
"But what? Surely you now realise that my agonizing love for you will never match the way you feel towards - "
" - I love you!"
"What is love? An arranged soul-mate? For I think not!"
"It is you, my dearest."
"Every day I pray to the heavens above, and I wish upon the stars at night. I try to love you. My attempt fails. To my dismay, I cannot. Nor will I ever. I'm sorry, but my hart will always belong elsewhere.
"To whom? To whom, do I ask, will I throttle, to whom will I stab? To prove my true love you you. Who has ripped you from beneath my craving wings. I will not be made a fool of. WHO???" "Dessert's ready." Whispered a voice. Emerging from the shadows came the spoon.

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