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Into the Ice

January 15, 2010
By Warren_Uzumaki DIAMOND, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Warren_Uzumaki DIAMOND, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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they say the mind bends and twists to deal with the horrors of life...
...some times the mind bends so much it snaps in two.

Love at first sight wastes less time

They say the mind bends and twists to deal with the horrors of life. Sometimes it bends so much it snaps in two. As of now that's how my heart feels. Just like a ticking time bomb right inside my chest.
I was dangling some hundreds of feet in the air. I had a sort of grappling hook device to get me across the crevice in the ice. A place where I could continue my mission faster. I was in a hurry as I had limited time, if I wasted any more she'd be dead. My mind would probably snap the moment she died, a spidey sense in my heart.
It had all started weeks before, I had been in study hall talking to my friends. This was a class I normally would make any bystander think I was on crack. Don't think I do that it's metaphor, really!
"So, tell me what's your latest song mean?" Veronica asked sweetly.
"Well," I started nervously,"It's about you."
"Remember, I have a boyfriend so don't push and I wouldn't want you to be hurt. We can't be together, but we can still be friends... By the way, That's a lot of writing in that notebook," did you write all these songs for me?The sound of bells are filling my ears as she spoke.
"No, but most of them are," I said as quietly as I could.
"What was that?" She asked.
"Nothing I just said no."
When the bell rang I felt both relief and sorrow as if I was some insane guy with multiple personalities. In one hand. I wouldn't be nervous anymore, but in the other hand I would miss her like a child misses their lost puppy. Sometimes I feel like a piece of M&M's candy- hard on the outside, but soft on the inside and some days it'll look as if I'm in great shape, not a crack on my shell, but on the inside I'm melted.
It was during the next period when I started to feel this sort of uneasiness, not of a stomachache, but as if I knew in my gut that something was about to happen. Which to my dismay, did.
The wall beside me blew open like a fizzy soda can when it explodes. Chunks of wall dispersed like a meteor shower and when many landed blood was spilt. Luckily, or so it seemed at the moment, no one was seriously hurt or killed.
I remember that as the concrete flew past me it was loud and almost as fast as a bullet, but to me it was all in slow motion, and the only thing I could hear was one distinct voice, a voice like bells, a few rooms away. I didn't go deaf, I just entered into an adrenaline rush that felt like I'm super powered.
When I got to the room there was a man dressed in a slim black suit. He held a staff with some sort of crystal on the top and he was surrounded by "ice-men." It was something out of Alice in Wonderland. The only difference was that Alice had turned into Malice. He had Veronica.
"Have you come to try and save the girl. Well, too bad," the man in the suit said,"Your a little for that. No one can stop me from sacrificing her to the spirit of the ice-king. I will have his powers!"
That was the last straw all my effort to hold back was gone, withered away faster than the Egyptian pyramids. I lashed out, but the man threw me to the wall and bound my hands in ice. I was powerless, my love was going to die.
It was what felt like hours later that someone pried the ice off my arms and helped me down from my prison.
"Are you Warren," a voice said.
"Yeah, who are you?" I replied.
"I'm Chris," he said, "Veronica's boyfriend."
And at that moment I was scared. The ice dude didn't scare me but the boyfriend of a girl I wrote songs for, (and really liked) in my face, yeah that's scary.
"So where did Sardo go?"
"Who?" I replied confused.
"Sardo Numspa, that ice guy!"
"The guy of legends? Yeah, he kind of ran off with Veronica, he said something about sacrificing her."
"Wait that wasn't part of the..."
Before I had a chance to ask him what that wasn't a part of he ran off. I got up as fast as i could, still sore from being crushed by ice against the wall. It took me only minutes before I found him in what was left of the main entrance of the school. It had looked as if someone had used a can opener to pry a hole in the building.
"Which way did he go?!" Chris screamed at me.
"I don't know. I was tied up at the moment!" I screamed back, words ripping from me like a lion.
"Help me find that guy and I won't kill you for hitting on my girlfriend." Chris returned almost as angry. He seemed to have been trying to hold all the hate he probably felt for me back, pressure in a hose, only the hose was his mind.
At that moment Chris took of yet again and this time i was right behind him. Half way through the parking lot Chris jumped into a car and pulled out keys that apparently meant the car was his. On the other side of the vehicle, a brighter yellow that the sun, i mimicked him and jumped in. This sent his angry lion free again.
"What do you think your doing." he snapped at me.
"Helping you save Veronica. It may be stupid you say this to you of all people but i really like this girl and I won't survive if stood back and did nothing as she was about to die!" I snapped back. I don't always play well with others and it showed with every quake in my voice.
It took about an hour and a half but after a boring and padded room quiet trip up the mountain we came to a cave lined with ice.
Chris got out sprinting and the car was still moving. Behind him I hardly noticed the movement of the car as I was still on his heels from before we got into the car.
"Oh look, we found the Cold-miser," I said sarcastically,"You left with out giving your old friend a kiss."
"What are you doing! My girlfriend was not part of the deal!" Chris screamed.
"Ah but my real plans are much different than what I had told you," Numspa explained,"You see, you were the bait for the real chosen one and his mate. She is really only a piece of bait herself as I knew he'd come running. You yourself are the sacrifice. Too bad her aura takes more of a liking to his, I would have quite enjoyed seeing you watch her die. He has an aura that needs a love to activate his powers and without powers I can't free the ice crown from it's melt-less ice prison.
His powers are all that can destroy it."
"My dear brother Numpsy, how have you been. Do you really think I'll just bide to your rules. Idiot!" I said still sarcastic.
"Shut up and melt the ice!" Numpsa yelled.
He threw me a grappling hook and blocked the entrance to the cave with ice-men. He then preceded to point to where the crown was placed.
Well, this is where you've probably guessed that this is where I began this story. Dangling some hundreds of feet above a crevice inside a deep icy cave. Everything depended on me getting across and acquiring some mystic crown.
Finally on the other side, I ran up to the crown unsure of how to get it out. I would need some pretty special fire. Numspa said this ice was melt-less, like an ice cube in the middle of Antarctica.
I rubbed my hands together like Patrick did once on an episode of Sponge-Bob. It made me laugh, but instead of nothing happening and me saying some funny punch line my hands and arms lit on fire. It didn't hurt, it felt like the warming sensation of hypothermia with out the side of death to compliment the taste.
At that moment I felt stupid. Numpsa didn't have any control over me. Why should i bend at his will? Why not turn around and fight back for what I believe in. What did i have to lose. If I died I'd at least try to bring him with me. Veronica would not be put in danger, the thought of that sent me into a angry rage.
I turned around and, without the aid of the grappling hook, leap across the crevice and ran as fast as I could straight toward Sardo Numspa. He was supposed to die but Chris leapt in my way and we began to fight.
"He's mine, and so is the right to protect Veronica! DIE!!" Chris screamed.
He was as strong as I was, and I had new found powers. We fought at a stalemate for what seemed like an hour.
Slamming me against the wall, Chris turned around as I was dazed and headed for Veronica. Deep inside my heart screamed in pain. Numpsa got in the way and killed Chris. It, for a moment, seemed like a good deed, but it was for his own good.
Chris must have given up on Veronica some way through our fight and apparently tried to kill her to rid me of my powers. Sardo needed those and killed Chris.
As I got to my feet everything seemed slow again, someone hit the wrong button on the DVD remote. The moment felt slow again. There was one difference, as I moved I wasn't slow as every thing else was. This time it really was a superpower.
I walked over to Sardo, having what seemed like forever and swiped him into the wall. I then preceded to punch him repeated, fire spewing all over him as if a pot of hot coffee had just over flowed.
"Is he dead?" bells chimed behind me.
"Yeah. So is Chris. He tried to kill you." I said.
As soon as the words left my mouth she sighed and let a single tear slide down her face and freeze to the ground. The ice powers had seeped into her. The wet mark left on her face was a scar of sorrow, the one she loved was gone. Just thinking about her being so upset made me cry as well, only my tears evaporated instantly. We were, we are fire and ice. The very things that were to end the world as Robert Frost had written in his poem, Fire and Ice. Luckily we broke our fate.
What was left in us is said to be pure evil powers. Yet when we try to use these abilities nothing happens. They may be mortal enemies, fire and ice, but they, we, love each other. They keep the world balanced like a natural Yin and Yang. My fire melts her ice, and her ice puts my fire out.

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