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Living Love Through Music

October 27, 2009
By xxxVanessaxxx SILVER, Alexander, Arkansas
xxxVanessaxxx SILVER, Alexander, Arkansas
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"i CaNt Be AwAy fRoM hEr BeLlA, iT hUrTs ToO mUcH." (Jacob from the breaking dawn book)

Chapter One: Erik

"I'm sitting here strumming away and writing down who I am, who I want to be, who I'm looking for. Seeing inside, I realize who I've become. Who knows the real me better than me? Who knows what I really feel? Away from it all, I can sing my heart out to the world." I sang. I paused. I'm into music. I only work on this song when I have nothing else to do. My sister - Emerald, who's birthstone is her name- walked in.
"It's 7:00, you need to get to school. And you're driving yourself on your first day. You've gotta break that car out sometime." She said. I sighed and grabbed my bag and keys. I walked down 3 flights of stairs to the parking lot out front. We live in an apartment complex in NYC, NY. You may think I'm the luckiest girl ever but I'm not you have to be careful in New York, it can be dangerous. I sighed. Many people may not know it, but it's hard being an 18 year old girl who's on the dance team, writes songs in her spare time, finishes homework, and has a job. It's really hard for me, tougher than you think. I found my Hundai Tiburon (it's red) and hopped in. I started the car, plugged in my ipod and cranked up the volume. Don't Worry Bout A Thing by SHeDaisy was the first song I chose to play. I pulled out onto the street and drove to my high school. I finally made it to the student parking lot and hurried. I locked the Tiburon and followed the crowd of rushing teens into Wilson High. Harmony Langdon, just another dancer who doesn't have a lot of friends starting off her sophomore year. Another sigh. My two best friends ran up to me - Courtnie and Ashley.
"We missed you all summer long!!!!" Courtnie said, hugging me. "Did you really have to go back to Nashville for the summer? I mean gosh, couldn't your cousins live without you?"
"No, they would've killed the horses, they're too city to know anything."
"Girl you are way too c-"
"Country, I know Court, you've said it a million times."
"But I still love you." She said, hugging me again.
"Hey, what about me?" Ashley complained. Courtnie let go. I hugged Ashley. "I should've gone with you, I miss the fields down in Tenessee."
"Yes, you should have. You missed me getting bucked."
"Hello, back to the present, let's go to first block." Courtnie said. Ashley and I laughed and followed her. Courtnie found her junior boyfriend and Ashley found Delaney. Aww, sweet, they were back together. Mr. Blake got the class in order and started mumbling something. I tuned him out. I saw my ex boyfriend across the room. His name is Matt. We were together about a year ago. It lasted for 2 years. Then we got in a fight when I caught him cheating. Now he's dating the devil herself, Natalie Pearce. Her daddy owned a big buisness and spoiled her rotten. I didn't know what I saw in Matt and I didn't know what Matt saw in a snakey brat like her. Natalie passed me a note.

Hey, did you hear? There's a new guy in school, maybe you'll actually have a chance at not dying single, that is if he doesn't see your face, better blind him ahead of time, Harm. But he'll have a better time with a girl who's got a real bod worth wanting. Happy Singles!, Nat.

I really hated that girl. She's pure evil I tell you, pure evil!!! I trashed the note and tuned everyone out till the bell rang. I headed out of English and into History. I found my seat next to Ashley. The bell rang to begin class. About 2 minutes into Ms. Tanner's lecture, a boy walked into the classroom.
"I'm sorry, I'm new, I don't know my way around the school." He said.
"Well, Erik, please take a seat, there's one open beside Harmony." She pointed to me in the back. Erik sat down beside me.

That's the new guy Natalie wrote about. He's cute! You should totally ask him out!!!

Ashley wrote, passing the note to me.

I'm not stupid I know that!! And I can't ask him out! Courtnie said the girl is never supposed to ask the guy out, it's the other way around! You haven't been listening to her have you?

Ashley sighed. She clearly hadn't been listening to Courtnie. Gosh, I may not be as city as Courtnie but I knew a thing or two, I wasn't as stupid as some people think I am. I stuck the note in my back pocket before Tanner could catch me with it, you didn't mess around with her unless it was really important. She continued with her interrupted lecture. Erik was smiling and happy, not the reaction to most students at Wilson High. The class dragged on. The bell finally rang. I walked out into the hall.
"Um, Harmony?" Someone asked. I turned around. It was Erik, weird, not a lot of guys talked to me at all.
"Yes, Erik?"
"I was wondering if you could show me to my next class?"
"Um...sure. Where are you going?"
"Mr. Blake."
"Oh, I had him first period, try to tune him out as much as you can today, otherwise you'll get a really big headache with him mumbling and repeating things so often.My class is right across the hall." I said, walking. Erik followed. I noticed something, Erik had the brightest beautiful pair of green eyes I'd seen yet. He was tall, had brown hair that had highlights from the sun in it, and a pretty good tan. But those eyes, they were magnificent. I got Erik to his 3rd block and I went to mine, Mr. Kioshinago. But we all called him 'K' for short. I had him last year for science, hopefully this will be a better year. I walked in, K smiled.
"Ms. Langdon! Wonderful! I was wondering if I would have you this year, How is Emerald doing in her first year of college?" K loved my sister as a student, she was the perfect classmate. She always did her homework, classwork, tests, study guides, everything right and occasionally a few wrongs.
"She is doing fine. I'm sorry to hear about your parents. If you need to go to the counselor anytime in this class, you just tell me alright?"
"Yes sir, can I sit close to the door this year?"
"Sure, anything for a Langdon." I sat down beside the door. K was also my neighbor about a block down from us. I sighed. The hour quickly passed. I hurried to lunch. By the time school was over, I was glad the day had been better than expected

I was walking to the parking lot.
"Hey, Harmony, wait up!!" Erik yelled. I turned around, he caught up to me. "Hey um, I missed the bus, and my mom's not answering her cell phone, could you give me a ride?"
"Um....yeah, I'm sure my sister won't mind me dropping you off."
"Great, thanks. Whoa, is this your car?"
"Yeah, It was a birthday gift. This is my first year driving. I'll be 19 in November."
"Cool, I can't wait to ride in it!!!" He said smiling. He ran around the other side. I unlocked it and we both hopped in. "Dude, this is so cool!"
"Thanks. Now, what street?"
"Hey, we're neighbors!" I said happily. I sort of wanted him to live around me. I was starting to like him, and I loved those green - grass eyes. The car creeped down the road. I paused on the brakes for a second. "That's my house." I said.
"Which one?" He asked.
"That one." I pointed to the third floor, the one all the way to the left. "It' s bigger than you think it is, I promise."
"Trust me, I know. I'm right across from that one in building B." Which was right outside my window. OMG!!!
" you want to come in, I bet my mom is inside." He asked.
"Well, just let me park in my lot so that way my sister knows I stopped at our place."
"Let's just hope my mom won't kick you out."

The author's comments:
I'm writing this story on my own time on paper. I'm on ch. 3 right now. Hope you like it as much as "don't". Leave comments!!!

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