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Dinner Antics

February 20, 2018
By starfeather PLATINUM, Olathe, Kansas
starfeather PLATINUM, Olathe, Kansas
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The microwave beeped, signaling that my dinner was ready. I pulled my turkey out of the container and had a bite to make sure it was warm enough. Perfect. Looking for something else to add to the meal, I cut a slice of pumpkin pie for myself and put it on my plate. Satisfied, I grabbed it and turned around, ready to head upstairs to eat while watching tv.


That was when the first cat showed up.

He was silent and quick; I'd only taken a step when the gray tabby appeared right in front of my feet, purring loudly and staring at me with searching green eyes. I held my dinner closer to me and scolded him: "Quasar, you know this isn't for you." I walked past him and to the stairs, holding my plate carefully. Quasar followed suit, and I could feel his eyes on me from behind. Or, rather, the steaming food in my hands.

Suddenly, a jingle sounded above me, distracting me from the prowling cat. I glanced up to see Misty standing at the top of the stairs, looking wide-eyed at me with a hungry expression. A greedy glint shone in her dilated eyes. I looked between the two sibling cats and groaned.

"It's not even your dinnertime yet!"

Misty took her place behind me with her brother and the two stalked behind me, ensuring that I wouldn't turn back. There was only one direction for me to go: the bedroom. Then... I would be cornered.

I reluctantly finished my ascent up the stairs and walked over to the bed, sitting down on it. I pressed play on the show I was watching and started to eat mechanically, engrossed. It was quiet for a moment and I began to forget about the cats that had watched me so closely before.

But here they were again, jumping up on the bed and walking over, their eyes fixed on my dinner. Quasar was even bold enough to sniff my turkey and I pushed him away, angry. "Why can't you just leave me to eat in peace?!" I whined as he retreated back with Misty to stare at me. I ate faster, hoping to finish before disaster struck. Quasar made several more moves but every time I shooed him back. It went on like this until my dinner was gone.

Triumphant, I set my plate down on the dresser beside the bed and returned to my show, no more worries in mind. A new set of commercials had just started when I felt a paw on my stomach. I looked down and saw Quasar trying to climb over me to get to my plate.

"What- no, stop it!!" I demanded, shoving him off. We had a staring contest, him and me, until he made the first move and began stepping on to me again, paw by paw. Exasperated, I picked him up and practically dragged him off the bed, letting him tumble to the floor. "Stay away," I warned him. I turned back to my show with no sympathy as he sat there, gazing wistfully at my empty plate.

I was finally getting to the climax of the episode when a paw appeared out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to see Quasar pawing at my plate! I couldn't believe his determination to get to even the crumbs of my meal. I pressed my finger down on his paw and he lowered it back down, backing away with a guilty expression. I gave him a glare of death and he turned and fled, fearing my wrath. He was finally taking me seriously. His sister, who had been watching greedily from the corner of the bed the entire time, jumped down and followed him out.

They did not bother me again that night.

And so, I prevailed against the hungry beasts that had plotted for my dinner.

The author's comments:

A story that proves cats are hungry beasts that will stop at nothing to get what they want...

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