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Another Day Has Begun

July 15, 2016
By LydiaAnn BRONZE, Granbury, Texas
LydiaAnn BRONZE, Granbury, Texas
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You put your hair in the most attractive side pony, twisted delicately from your face; you create a devastating effect. You stare at the mirror and wish that the pimple on the end of your nose didn't exist and your eyes had the same striking effect Amy’s do with no make-up. But your eyes don’t, and the pimple is still there, and your eyes have the world’s biggest bags under them. Then suddenly you catch a glimpse of your hair, which you worked so hard on, and you wonder how on earth you thought it would be okay to wear your hair like this. Like a mad sprinter, the clock has been ticking all this time…running against you. In desperation you wonder why the dickens you can’t be like Claire and leave your hair down, or up in a messy pony and look alright. But you can’t. So you take a deep breath, let it out, pray you have enough time left, and you give your curls a good, firm shake. You pull them to the side and tie them with a blue hair scrunchie, and you stare at yourself another few moments. Then you realize that’s dangerous. If you should find one more flaw, you would have to fix it. Time is not going to permit that. But, a little part of you is thankful for time. If you didn't have 15 minutes until you needed to leave, you would probably never leave the mirror…and who knows the flaws you would find. No! No, more thoughts! Time, which was your friend just a moment ago is now your biggest enemy. You quickly do your makeup and wonder which lipstick you should wear. You stare studiously at your eyebrows and ponder whether you should take the time to fill them in. Yes! Yes, you should.Rapidly, you send the brow gel three strokes right then two cautious strokes left. Then a confident right stroke kills your qualms.

Now it is time for phase two of your morning. You shove your make up in a bag and run a rag over your counter. You throw the covers over your bed and shove the pillows in their place. Your cram your feet into your sneakers and pop earrings in your ears. You debate whether or not you have time to put on a necklace. You give yourself one last critical glance in the mirror… and then practice a thousand different smiles. You grab your phone and run to the kitchen because your mom is yelling that it is time to leave. You hop in the car, and you catch your breath. Yes, another day has begun.

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