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The Cellar

July 29, 2010
By ReaderWriter GOLD, Tallahassee, Florida
ReaderWriter GOLD, Tallahassee, Florida
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I opened the old, creaky, wooden door and walked into the poorly lit, cold cellar. There were cobwebs in the corners, floorboards missing, and a long-haired rat scurried across the floor. The rat brought my attention to the beautiful, black grand piano. I walked over to it with caution. I looked down at the yellowing ivory keys, while my fingers lingered over them. After a moment of silence I sat down on the dusty ramshackle piano bench. When I sat the legs of the bench creaked and I could see the splintering in the wood. I took one deep breath in, and before I was conscience of what I was doing, song was pouring out of me. It came straight from the heart to my idol fingers. Sound filled the room, a gorgeous melody I had never heard before. I found myself closing my eyes and swaying to the music, remembering old times. I remembered when he and I would play at the piano for hours. Neither of us really knowing what we were doing, but teaching each other as we went. I was in bliss, one that nothing could get me out of.
I continued to play until song would no longer come out of me. And then at the end of my opus, I looked down at the ivory keys again. There they stood so still, when only a moment ago they were moving so fiercely with my rapidly moving fingers. The echo of my song still lingered in the old wooden walls of the room. I began to slowly stand up and leave the lovely piano, for another person to discover another day. The piano would remain in this room for all who need to come along its magical potential. It would serve as a back fall for those in the future, just as it has for so many in the past. The piano will remain a part of the human race’s unknown legacy…

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