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Teachers-Friends or Foes?

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Lacy had finally crawled out of bed on the first day of her senior year and slowly made her way to the bus stop. She had always heard that senior year was the best, and she would have a blast. Yet, a premonition told her this was not going to be the case. She started her morning by getting onto the bus. This was the best part of her day because she rode the same bus as her boyfriend Lucus she got on the bus and sat next to him. Then the two exchanged schedules. Suddenly` her day was worsened when they realized the one class they shared was a mundane math class.
When they got to school, they saw that their friend Ginny was in that class as well. The first obstacle that the students ran into was an energetic, female teacher who stood in the front of the room. “How old do you think she is, Lucus?” Lacy whispered.
“My guess is about twenty three or twenty four.”
“My favorite thing about this teacher is her name: Miss. Feathers what, was she raised by bird?” Muttered Lacy.
“ No, I wasn’t raised by birds, but I do own a few,” chuckled Miss Feathers who overheard their conversation.

Lucus sighed, “That was really unnecessary Lacy your last name is Hawk after all.” Right there was when Lacy decided that Miss. Feathers was going to be one of those teachers that you just can’t trust because her boyfriend just defended her.
Lacy loved going to her last hour because that’s where the hottest guy she had ever seen was. He is tall, skinny, really short light brown hair, his name Mr. England. He taught Lacy’s favorite subject, English. Lacy, of course, had to sit in front so she could eye goggle him. Everyday she couldn’t wait to get to his class.
After a couple of weeks Lacy was in a routine. Basically, she let her feet take her to where she needed to go. As soon as she walked into a class she went into a stupor, but the teacher could never tell because she would look at the teacher like she was paying attention, but really she was day dreaming. Somehow, Mr. England was in a lot of her daydreams.
Around the same time Lacy was dreaming about Mr. England. Lucus was starting to discover that Miss. Feathers and Lacy seemed to have a lot in common. He was hoping by telling Lacy that her and Miss. Feathers had a lot in common she might start to like her a little bit better. He leaned over and breathed, “ Lacy, do you notice anything weird about Miss. Feathers.” “ No! Why? Should I she’s a big dull dud” shocked that Lacy was insistent on hating Miss. Feathers said, “ You really don’t see it?” “ No I don’t have any clue what you are seeing. I hope your not asking me if I notice something about her measurements.”
Lacy couldn’t get what Lucus said out of her mind. At lunch she begged Ginny to explain what Lucus meant. Ginny replied, “ I don’t know, she probably reminded him of someone.” “Oh thanks, that’s a lot of help. But who in the world could that bird brain remind him of.” Ginny seeing, but not understanding why, knew Lacy would get extremely upset if told the truth. Which was Miss. Feathers and Lacy had a lot in common. Instead Ginny changed the subject. “ So when are you getting your license?” “You know, when my parents think I think I can handle it.” Secretly Lacy thought I would be perfectly fine if I never got my license, because it would only lead to trouble. Also I’m terrified of getting in a car accident. It’s better if I’m just chauffeured around. The worst part of it all is I can’t tell anyone not even my parents why I don’t want my license. I know that I will most likely never be put in that situation, but if I was I would… “Lacy are you still with me?” “Uh, what yeah, yeah. I was in my own little world, sorry.” Sarcastically “ Oh my gosh were you thinking of Mr. England again.” “ Oh please why would I be thinking about Mr. England when I have a…” Miss. Feathers and Mr. England walked by talking, but something about the look on her face made Lacy say, “ You don’t suppose Mr. England and Miss. Feathers are something of an item?” Looking around to see what Lacy was talking about Ginny swiveled around in her chair, and with out thinking said, “ They would make an adorable couple.” Lacy stood up so fast that Ginny thought she was going to plow the table over. “WHAT-DID-YOU-SAY?” Thinking on the tip of her toes Ginny replied, “ ten to one they’re not dating, those types of things are usually against the rules. You know you can’t date the people you work with.” Lacy knowing that Ginny was probably right calmly sat down. They didn’t speak much until their friend Susan came up and asked what classes do you have. They talked about their schedules until e bell rang to signal that C lunch was over, and it was time to go to Mr. England’s class.
The moment Lacy walked in she hurried over to him. In desperation she blurted out “ What do you think of Miss. Feathers?” He responded, “ I speak with her frequently. Why?” “ Oh, no reason I just heard some rumors.” Mr. England gave her a look suggesting she might just know something she shouldn’t, but didn’t say anything further.
After school Mr. England walks down to Miss. Feathers classroom. The minute Miss. Feathers seen Mr. England she got the biggest smile across her face, and said, “ Hi Ted, how are.” Quietly he muttered,” Fine, and you Cecilia?” Breathlessly she replied, “ Great now that you are here.” Thoughtfully questioned, “ Are you sure you’re ok? You look a little bit funny.” Cautiously he answered, “ Well, I think people might know we are involved.” She gasped, “ what? How is that possible, we’ve hidden it so well.” Said with an edge to his voice, “ Clearly not good enough. Students are asking questions.” Sweeping the sweat off her brow, “ Phew, you had me worried.” A little bit angry, “ that’s your reaction.” Quickly defending her self, “ calm down, I just meant that students assume that if two teachers of the opposite sex are seen together a lot they must be dating. Kind of how people assume that if two celebrities are seen together they must be dating. Who was it any way?” “ Lacy Hawk, she’s in my last hour.” “ She’s in my first hour. What exactly did she say to make you think that she thought we are dating? “ She walked into class, rushed over to me and asked what do you think of Miss. Fathers.” “What did you say to that?” “ Calmly I replied I speak frequently with her. Why? Then Lacy answered oh no reason I just heard some rumors.” “ I wonder if she has a crush on you because she always gives me dirty looks in class and seems rather annoyed by me.” For the next month and a half Lacy was exceptionally pleasant to everyone, including Miss. Feathers.
Then everything started to fall apart. November 17 had to be the day ever. First in the morning Miss. Feathers anxiously told her students. Her and Mr. England had been dating for a year and a half, and last night he proposed. Lacy was Livid. To top it all off the second she walked into her house. Her parents asked when she would be ready to take the skills test for driving. That was the last thing she wanted to talk about. Lacy Shouted at her parents, “ don’t want to talk about it right now!” For the next to weeks Lacy was the most horrible person to be around. You definitely did not want to mention the word feathers, or she would bite your head off. Finally she started to simmer down realizing that there’s no reason for her to be so upset, because she was dating the greatest guy in the world. Although she thought Mr. England could have done so much better then Miss. Feathers.
Lucus feeling like the time wasn’t quite right, Lacy had to know. Lucus stammered, “ Lacy, I believe that you and Miss. Feathers have a lot in common.” “ What did you just say?” quickly he sputtered, “ I just mean you both are scatter brained, can’t tell a story quickly. You have the same taste in men. You both have the same look on your face when staring off into space. You can laugh at your selves. Both of you have the talent of listening to people even if there is really no point in what they are saying. You give advice that is helpful, even if you know the person may not use. You both have the ability to talk about multiple topics within fifteen minuets.” “ I can not believe you would say that. We are as different as night and day.” With a laugh, “ How do you figure that?” “ For instance she wears dresses and skirts. You know as well as I do I won’t go near them unless forced.” “The only reason you’re so mad is because you now see what Ginny and I both saw in the first month of school.” She screams “ You take that back!” In a menacing tone, “Lacy would you please lower your voice.”
Lucky, but yet not so lucky for Lacy the telephone in the classroom rang. “ Hello Miss. Feathers speaking.” Miss. Feathers paused to let the person on the other line speak. Miss. Feathers hung up the phone, slowly got up and walked over to Lacy, bent down and whispered “ Lacy, come with me please I need to speak with you.” Reluctantly Lacy stood up and walked into the hallway where Miss. Feathers was standing. Sincerely she said, “ I’m afraid I have some bad news to tell you.” She pauses trying to decide how to tell Lacy the unfortunate news. “ Your friend Susan was in a car accident. She is in the hospital in ICU. “What!” Lacy’s scream was heard around the entire school. She slid down the wall she was leaning against. Miss. Feathers trying to help leaned over and said, “ Everything will be ok.” Without thinking Lacy shouted, “ What do you know you old prune?” Slaps the teacher and runs like the wind to the bathroom. Slams the stall door shut, and slides down that wall and sobs. Mostly because she just found out her best friend might die. Partly because she had never disrespected a teacher like that before. Lacy was in complete paranoia for the next week. She was absolutely sure she was going to be expelled, or at least a suspension. As each day inched by no phone call or letter to her parents. Lacy started to think that Miss. Feathers wasn’t going to get her in trouble.
Finally when she had gathered up the courage. Lacy quietly asked Miss. Feathers “Can we have a word after class.” “ Yes we can.” When class ended Lacy didn’t get up she waited for everyone to clear out. Miss. Feathers asked, “Lacy what did you want to talk to me about.” Not looking at Miss. Feathers Lacy said “I just wanted to apologize for my behavior the other day. You were just trying to help me. I shouldn’t have reacted in that manner. I am truly sorry.”
“ Thank you for apologizing I truly appreciate it. I can’t yet say I understand your actions, but you are forgiven. You should get to your next class, but remember if you ever need someone to talk to about anything my door is always open.” As Lacy walked away from the classroom she realized that Miss. Feathers was not an all-bad person.
After talking with Miss. Feathers Lacy felt she owed Lucus a apology. “ Lucus, I’m sorry I lashed out so hard on you about saying Miss. Feathers and I have a lot in common. You were just stating the truth. There is one thing I would like to say I personally think she is a better person then me though.” Lucus with a very confused look on his face “ What made you change your mind about her?” “ A few days ago I had a conversation with Miss. Feathers.” Utterly bewildered “ really what did you talk about.” Lacy deciding on the spot not to be totally honest stated, “Nothing much my behavior towards her.”
Just when Lacy was starting to move on about Susan’s car accident, her parents bring up the skills test again. Deciding that she needs to talk to someone about her driving issues. She turned to Miss. Feathers. The next day after school ended she went to her classroom. Went Lacy entered the room Miss. Feathers asked, “ Is there something I can help you with.” “ Yes if you have a couple of minuets?” “ What is you problem?” “All my friends and family want me to get my license, but I don’t think I can.” “ Does this have anything to do with Susan.” “ It has a lot to do with Susan, but not all with her. I guess I feel it is partly my fault. I knew she was going to skip school. Maybe if I would have stopped her she wouldn’t be in the hospital.” “ Lacy you can’t blame yourself for what happened to Susan. That was way out of your control. Although I’m not sure I see why that makes you not want your license.” “ If I got my license and got into a car accident I know it will kill my friends. I wouldn’t be able to live with my self if I knew I was the reason they were suffering. But even more then that I would hate to be the person who puts another family through what I’ve been through. I guess my problem is I don’t want to be the one people are crying for or because of. I can’t be the one that people wish were dead just because they feel it would bring justice to losing their friends or family.” After Miss. Feathers thought for a moment she said. “ First you should figure out if you think you can handle getting your license. Only you will be able to know if you’re ready. If you think it will cause you too much stress just take it latter. Tell your parents you will take it when you feel you can take on that kind of responsibility. The most important thing to remember is this is a choice only you can make no one else can make it for you or force you to take it.” “ Thank you for your time Miss. Feathers.”
This time as Lacy walked away from the classroom she reflected on the advice she had just been given. The last two sentences kept going through her head. Speaking to herself “ I think I’m ready for the test.”
When she arrived home that day she told her parents she was ready to take the skills test. They couldn’t believe their ears. “Are you sure your ready Lacy?” “ Absolutely I know I can handle the responsibility.”
After a month of practicing her driving Lacy made the appointment to take the test. There were of course a couple rocky moments, but she sailed through them like a boat on the water. When she stopped in the parking lot of the school. The instructor said “great job!” and handed her a slip saying she could receive a license. The next day Lacy went to the secretary of state and got her license.
When she went to school on Monday Lacy ran over to her friends and cheered, “ I got my license, I got my license.” “No way!” Shouted Ginny. “That’s awesome!” exclaimed Lucus. The person she really wanted to show her license to was Miss. Feathers. Lacy ran up to her and proudly stated, “ I have my license now. It’s all thanks to you though. You really helped me. Thanks for everything.
From that day forward Miss. Feathers and Lacy became great friends. Even after Lacy graduated she still contacted Miss. Feathers every once and a while just to see what is new. Every Christmas and birthday Lacy would send her a card.

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