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Bitter Cold

November 28, 2017
By GardenGnome BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
GardenGnome BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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September 9th 1943, London, England

My name is Phoenix or well that's what everyone calls me. I’ve been homeless for more than 2 years. I live under a bridge, like a troll, I know it’s sad. Oh and this is the first time I’ve written for, well since that day. Well since it’s been four years I might as well write it down since it’s permanently burned into my memory, and it’s also the reason I got kicked out of all those orphanages and foster homes. Well here i go, it’s so painful to remember that’s why i haven’t written anything for this long.
10 hours later
Well I got it all down on this old book. I guess I’ll write a sumaray up here. So what happened was...
Oh no the siren, it's starting again. They’re right over me this time. I think this will be my first and last entry. I’ll i can think of is her face J…

An explosion shook the cobble stones and pieces of an old stone bridge flow everywhere. After that day the 19 year old named Phoenix was never seen or heard.

4 years earlier
January 18th, 1939, London, England

I was selling newspapers on the corner of the street right next to “David and Carol’s pharmacy” I shouted “News, daily news, get it right here. A penny a paper!” Today the papers said “England on the brink of war.” I’ve been hearing lots of things about how Germany got a new chancier by the name of Adolph Hitler, and how he's going to start world war II. I really don’t want another war because if it goes on like the last one I’ll have to go off to the countryside and I can’t do that because I need to look after my mum. The reason I need to stay with my mum is she got very ill and she’s not getting better. We don’t have enough money for her medicine, so that’s why I’m skipping class, so I can get money and not half to steal. I’m so cold out here, it’s probably 15 degrees. Some of my friends have frozen to death this year, it's been one of the worst winters ever. I’m rapping my 5 sizes too big trench coat that belonged to my father John Weber. Some of the other boys in my school have tried and all have failed in taking it from me, I will never let anyone or anything take my coat from me. It's my only physical connection to my father, he sends me letters but it's not the same. “My I ask why such a young man is out in the cold when he should be in school?” a tall wiry man in a Brigadier's uniform, a well trimmed silver mustache and beard, and a short ponytail just visible beneath his cap. “My mum is ill and we don't have enough money to get the proper medicine so i need to get the money by doing this” I mumbled to my boots. “Look at me when you speak! tell me again but this time i want to actually hear what you say!” the man snapped at me. “Yes sir” I repeated what i had said but this time my back was straight and my leaf green eyes were looking directly into the man's eyes but to my surprise they were different colors like a cats, one was ice blue and the other was chocolate brown. “Well where is your father? Shouldn't he be doing this not you?” he asked. “I don't know where he is” I lied ashamedly. “Well what is your name?” “Phoenix” “what is your real name?” “Mutig Weber” I said reluctantly, as i expected his eyebrows rows in surprise in resignation for my german name, but to my surprise he didn't say anything about it and just said“well Mutig, my name is Brigadier Crispin Reed, and my a buy a paper?”.
February 9th, 1939, London, England

Brigadir Reed came over today to check on my mother and to talk to me about the war and my father, “Has your father written lately?” He asked looking worn, very sad and haggard. “Yes actually a letter got here yesterday from him’ (here's the actual letter.)

Hello my dear boy, i hope your mother is getting well. I wish i could be there but my duties to the chancellor make me stay. I have exciting news for you, I was promoted to Generalfeldmarschall! If you do not know this is the highest rank a can be in the natsi party. I hope you and your mother can travel here before the fighting starts. I will write again soon Mutig, I love you and your mother so much.

Hans Weber, February 4th, 1939.

Brigadier Reed said in his smooth deep voice “very nice my boy, your father seems like a very good man I just wish he wasn't German” “I've wished that every day since I found out I was German.” I replied, kicking the dirt floor of my home in frustration. “Oh sir, would you like to see a picture of my father?” “Yes of course I would.” I ran out of my room and into what we call the sitting room even though it was also the kitchen, I grabbed the picture of my father that had been in the letter, it was him in his new uniform, he looked so serious, my father has a thin mustache and a goatee that looks like an arrowhead. I showed the brigadier, he studied it very closely and then quite abruptly he said “I must go” “well goodbye sir” “stop calling me sir my boy call me Crispin” “yes sir. I mean Crispin” “well goodbye Phoenix see you as soon as I can” “bye”
After brigadier Crispin left I went to go to sell some newspapers but before I got to the drop zone (the drop zone is where us newspaper boys get the newspapers) Jenny Turner ran into me “ Hey Jenny!! I haven't seen you in awhile, I thought you might have gone off to the countryside” I said relieved to see my friend alive and well, Jenny and I have been best friends since birth, we know all of each other's secrets and we protect each other cause these streets we live on are very dangerous. “Phoenix!! You know I wouldn't leave without telling you, and you also know I'm not gonna leave cause you ain't leaving so I ain't ethe’.” Jenny said with a smile. “Well I need to tell you what's happening, you want to come over to my place?” I asked. “Of course, let's go” she said with another fabulous smile.
May 10th , 1939, London, England (journal of Crispin Reed)

Yesterday was the day I got back from the front lines, there was a skirmish with a German scouting mission we lost and they got that much more land , but the man leading this was that man the one in the photograph that Mutig showed me, his father is responsible for the deaths of my friends, his father is responsible for captain John Smith death. My beloved John is feud because of that boy's father,the boy yes the boy must have told the Germans that we were there for I told him where I was going yes and the mother she is responsible for training her son to be a spy and that girl Jenny that I've seen him running around with, she, she's the one encouraging him to tell his father everything about what England is doing! It's all Mutig Weber's fault and after I deal with him and his confidants I will kill his father. My beloved John I will avenge you I promise.

May 11th, 1939, London, England

Jenny and I were sitting at my mother's bed trying to get her to drink and eat something, when the front door came crashing down there in the doorway framed in the dark alleyway beyond him, stood brigadier Crispin Reed in his best uniform and looking like I dead man walking. He said “it's all your fault just confess now so I don't have to get it out of you!” As he was speaking he was loading a pistol I saw one, two, six, ten, twelve bullets go in. I said very calmly “Crispin you aren't well think about what you are doing, a brigadier is supposed to protect not destroy, we are friends I would never do anything to hurt you and you would never do anything to hurt me” he laughed and primed the pistol “you know what you've, you and your mother are spy's German spies and your little friend there she's a spy too!!!!” “I would never be a spy for a country I've never been to and I would never betray England, but if you hurt a fly on my mother or Jenny's heads I will personally see you to the gates of hell” I growled. This is the most fear I've ever felt but also the most anger, if he was going to hurt my family then he wouldn't survive for long. “Oh dear boy I just want to rid the world of scum like you and your family” he said quite calmly for a person that is completely insane. He aimed the pistol at my head and said “will you be the first to pay for my beloved's death or should it be you?” He pointed it at Jenny's head, “or you?” He pointed the gun at my mother. Three blasts went off, three bullets found their way into my sleeping mother's heart. “NO!!” I screamed “you will pay for that with your life” tiers running hot and fast down my face, I started to get up to beat him to show him what happens when you hurt me. But Jenny pulled me back down she whispered “no, not yet we need a plan” “who's next?” He asked. Jenny said “you!” She grabbed a handful of dirt from the floor and throw it in his face. “RUN!!” She screams and we take off through the door and off to one of our many hiding places, hearing less and less of the screaming man as we got farther and farther away.

May 13th, 1939, London, England

It's been two today's since Crispin went mad and we went on the run. I think I understand what happened to him now and I might be able to reason with him, I know he did kill my mum but she was going to die anyway and he's not right in the head, don't get me wrong I still blame him and want him punished but he doesn't deserve to die. What happened to him was when he went to the front lines for a little his friend John Smith that he had told me about was killed and my father's troops killed him and for some reason he blames me for what my father did. “Come on Phoenix we need to move” Jenny whispered to me “we've been in this place too long, we should go to my house and get my father to help” she had suggested this before but very reluctantly because her father was a very powerful and rich man who didn't think much of his daughter running around with a street boy, he wanted her to go to France and get a good education but she wouldn't go willingly, he was about to make her go when she ran away to live on the streets. “I think we have to it's the only place that is safe, I'm really sorry we have to go back there I know you hate him” I said “Well it's all we can do to stay alive, I just wish my mum was still alive” “yeah she was the best, your mum was” Jenny's mum had died from cancer 5 years ago and that was what made her father crack. “Look what I found” said a voice that was very familiar. Jenny turned on our torch and shined it on the person, as she did he stepped forward and pointed his gun straight at my face, “Crispin” I said calmly “let us help you, you're not right in the head just let us explain…” “NO!! I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT I NEED TO DO SO MY BELOVED CAN REST IN PEACE!” Crispin yelled. His face had changed almost so I couldn't recognize the man who I had thought of as my father, his hair had come out of its ponytail and grown unkempt with leaves and twigs tangled in it, his mustache and beard had grown just like his hair, but his eyes were the really scary part, they weren't the deep intelligent and bright cats eyes I had looked into 5 months ago, they were now flat and had only one thing as a goal, kill. “Now which one of you should I kill first, the girl or the boy?” He laughed with a crazed grin on his face, like a small child would he curiously touched his ear to his shoulder. “If you touch her you'll pay in more than words” I growled at him with my teeth clenched. I was determined that no more people that I love would die. As Crispin and I yelled at each other Jenny was sneaking behind him. She had managed to grab a large rock and was going to crack it over Crispins head when he suddenly turned around and BANG, a bullet found its way into Jenny's gut she crumpled to the ground without a sound, BANG BANG two more shots straight into her chest. “NO” I screamed leaping over to her limp broken body, “come on Jenny wake up, you can't leave me! please, Jenny!” I subbed holding her, hugging her close to me “don't leave me, I can't do this, I need you” “I'm so glad I get to see this, the more you suffer the more my John will live in memory” Crispin laughed “This is your fault it's all you, you killed her, you're gonna pay for this you son of a bitch!” I screamed at him. He aimed the pistol at my face but I ran at him, BANG one shot BANG two shots, the whole time he had been after us I had ceped count of how many shots he got off he had twelve bullets and he had used nine. Somehow we had gotten on the ground both of us bleeding in many places, my shoulder and leg had been shot by him, the gun was right in the middle of us before Crispin could even move a finger I had leaped over and grabbed the gun. I was the one with the gun and he was the one at my mercy, my hand was shaking not with fear but with anger, I shot two of the three bullets into his shines “you deserve to die I should pull this trigger and let the built into your brain but I won't living like this is a better torcher for you” I snarled at the man who used to be my friend who was now the one person I hated most no the thing on this planet that I hate the most, i realised he was the man who had not just killed my mother and not just my best friend, but the girl i loved. He laughed and blood bubbled up and he spit it in my face “you are such a coward and that little girl would never love you so I did you a favor by killing her you…” I kicked him straight in the ribs, then a fall on him with a ferry beating him to a pulp. “You don't know anything about who I am or who I love. I have one built.” I said but at the same time i thought should I us it on you or me? The man that was now unrecoverable with the beaten I had given him. “If you use that on me you’ll forever be a murderer.” He said without any fear in his voice. “Why should I care if I’m a murderer, I wouldn’t have taken two innocent lives!” I yelled through my haze of anger. “I never killed an innocent person.” Laughed the man that i cannot call Crispin for that name belonged to my friend. “I’ve killed Germans and German spies there was never a innocent Natsi, and you, your mother and your little girlfriend were all Nat…” BANG “Jenny was not a Natsi and you will never say anything about her again.” I said to a dead man. I dropped the useless pistol next to the body of a man i didn’t know. And I walked away forever.

The author's comments:
My 8th grade English teacher had us write whatever was in our brain every day at the beginning of class, I came up with this.

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