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Brother Beginning

November 5, 2008
By Broken_hearted_wolf SILVER, Auburn, Washington
Broken_hearted_wolf SILVER, Auburn, Washington
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In the beginning of time there where two brothers they themselves where not created, they just where. The brothers had names for themselves Sin and Chronos, Sin had control over heat, pain, anger and hatred all things with the essence of evil. His brother Chronos on the other hand, was the embodiment of ice, love, joy and peace all things with the essence of good.

They brothers where kind to each other for almost all time until one brother decided he was more powerful than his brother, for Sin had seen his brother be weak he had witnessed the creation of joy and he felt that pain was a stronger emotion. One day a few millennia ago Sin attacked his brother causing Chronos to stumble and bleed and as each drop of blood dropped there was a star in its place. Swirling around in a fit of anger Chronos faced his brother with emotions thought only to be held by Sin, as the hatred built inside him so did the pain and with it created a cold, chilling even frozen feeling within Chronos with one swoop of his arm he sent his brother flying and along with him a gust of magnificent wind. While Sin flew he realized what he had done wrong and felt love for his brother a new feeling that enraged him even more.

As soon as Sin had stopped his lengthy flight he decided to create something to melt his brothers’ resolve, and with that one thought there was fire. Far away from his brother and afraid of his new found pain he decided he was going to stop the source any way possible, and with that thought there was ice. As he reformed this ice to his own liking and as his brother did the same a world was created between them half frozen and half fire and when the two combined a new kind of small ball was made, and it was to be named earth.

Without knowing what they where doing the brothers through there fire or ice toward the other. But neither fire nor ice reached there destination but instead stopped and decided to guard and protect the thing they had created and fire became known as the Sun and ice as the moon.

Without any knowledge of this each brother believed the other was dead and the universe and more stars where created from there tears of loneliness. After a while both brothers decided that it was useless to fret over the past and they decided to go find the body of the other brother and remove it from existence for good. So they started looking, not long into there search Sin found the earth that had been created of fire and ice. Sin got very bored waiting for anything to happen he wanted something to do so he took the moon and melted part of it creating water that spilt out onto the earth creating ocean, lakes and rivers. Sin realized that the water would need something to in habit it so he created fish and all sorts of small and large creatures and placed them all in the water. Not long after the creations Sin became bored again and wanted some action so he created birds to fight with the fish and into the birds he put natural killer instincts so that they could survive with killing and eating the fish.

Sin would not stop creating for after a while he started to make more and more things not wanting to stop after a while Chronos finally found the earth and his brother he believed to be dead after a long stare and a few jaws dropping, the brothers embraced each other and many apologies where said. After there fight had been settled and they realized that they should no longer fight and as a show of alliance each brother created the other a woman to do as they wished. Each woman birthed each god over two hundred children each child becoming a god in itself but there was one god who wanted a plaything that his father had created so Chronos gave his son the earth and in it he created human beings and he made trees along with animals that were edible and some that weren’t. now the human could survive but the responsibility fell onto the shoulders of Jehovah and he has been doing good so far.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for my class and i did get an A on it so i feel it is fairly well written.

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