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The Man with the Plasma Gun and the Armored Behemoth

May 28, 2013
By King_Nothing GOLD, Tampa, Florida
King_Nothing GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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Isaac Clarke's armored foot slammed into the ground, further devastating the body of an infected human. Two other gory masses lay behind him, other necromorphs that had run towards him. Scanning his surroundings, Isaac turned down a small path, leaving a trail of bloody footprints. His weapon at the ready, Isaac took stock of himself - he was growing weary and hunger grumbled through his belly. Soon he would have to find a place to rest and eat, to prevent some fatal error that would get him killed.
The path led to a sort of natural courtyard between towering rocks, the entire court filled with snow. A bad feeling in his gut, Isaac stepped forward.
The snow in the center erupted upwards, a great form rearing up back and roaring in some alien noise. While Isaac was not that surprised by this, it had happened to him several times already, he still allowed himself a brief "Sh*t!" before he aimed at the beast.
It rose up nearly twenty feet, was roughly elliptical in shape, and stood on six, insect-like legs. A giant, tooth-filled mouth roared at Isaac beneath five, glowing yellow eyes.
Isaac fired a small burst at one of the thing's leg joints, hoping to immobilize it more than kill it, for the moment. However, he had to do this while dodging the beast as it tried to step on him and spear his body with one of the pointed legs. Finally, the leg was severed, and the thing roared in pain. Isaac smiled harshly, and turned to fire on another leg.
A flash of light drew his attention - necromorphs liked to surprise him, so Isaac's reflexes had become lightning quick. Looking up, the flash looked to be a meteor scraping against the planet's atmosphere. Since it wasn't a threat, he looked back to the alien before him.
One of the legs slammed into Isaac's torso, throwing him back to smash into one of the rocks bordering the court. The wind knocked out of him, he could only look up as the monster lumbered towards him, mouth agape to swallow him whole. Behind his helmet, Isaac stared in horror, thinking that, at last, his time had come.
A horrible roar, worse than any of the beast's, and a new bright flash of light. The meteor Isaac had seen earlier slammed into the body of the monster, punching through it and causing most of it to blast apart with a final strangled screech. A tremor shook the ground and bits of rock and snow leapt up into the air, sprinkling on Isaac's armor a moment later.
Once his wind was back, Isaac rose and steadied himself, then fired a short burst into what remained of the beast's head, for safety. Now, he cautiously approached the lip of the fresh impact crater, his gun at the ready.
In the center of the pit was a mass of what appeared to be dull green metal, battered and scorched. Tendrils of smoke floated into the air, evidence of the heat of entering a planets atmosphere - nearly twice as much steam rose with the smoke, the cold air biting into the metal.
It moved.
Isaac flinched and just barely held his trigger finger back - with luck, it wouldn't be hostile, and considering his circumstances, Isaac thought himself rather lucky, having stayed alive this long.
The mass unfolded itself and rose, standing very tall on two legs - it looked to be a man, but on a much larger scale than Isaac was familiar with. He looked to stand about seven feet tall, and his shoulders were broader than Isaac's outstretched arm. A massive, amber-visor helmet rested on the massive shoulders, and it began to rotate, taking in its surroundings. It wasn't long before the visor faced Isaac.
Moving much more fluidly than Isaac would expect of someone his size, the man turned to face Isaac full on. In a deep, powerful voice of authority, the man asked, "Who are you? And where am I?"
Isaac stayed motionless for a moment, then called over the wind, "Tell me who you are first!"
The man was motionless for his own moment, then he gave a curt nod and said, "Call me Chief."

The author's comments:
...I haven't played Halo or Dead Space, but both have great stories. Keep that in mind while you read this. I hope to expand on this a lot more, but I'll need a friend of mine to edit it for accuracy. Enjoy ^^

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