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The Horse

February 25, 2012
By Catch SILVER, Willow Springs, Missouri
Catch SILVER, Willow Springs, Missouri
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When God created the horse he created it out of kindness before the horse the plains, hills, and valleys were lonely. God asked the hills, “If I create an animal to live upon you will you grow tall?” The hillsreplyed, “Yes.” God asked the valleys, “If I create an animal to graze on you will you stoop down into the earth?” The valleysreplyed, “Yes.” God asked the plains, “If I create an animal to run across you will you stretch forever?” The Plainsreplyed, “Yes.” God didn’t know what animal to choose. First he put lions, cougars, and deer on the lands but the Hills didn’t grow tall, the valleys didn’t stoop into the earth, and the plains didn’t stretch. God asked the hills, “Why are you not growing tall?” The hillsreplyed, “These animals are old. You created them long ago. I want a new brave and wild animal to live upon me.” God asked the valleys, “Why are you not stooping towards the earth?” The valleysreplyed, “These animals are plain. I want an animal that will fly towards me from the hills to graze on me.” God asked the plains, “Why don’t you stretch for me?” The valleysreplyed, “Your animals are too wild and weak. I want an animal to be calm and strong.” God thought about what the hills, valleys and plains said. God went to work trying to create an animal that was brave, wild, had wings, calm, and strong. His first invention was a zebra. The hills didn’t grow, the valleys didn’t stoop, and the plains didn’t stretch so God went to work again. This time he thought of animal characteristics. God thought, “Rhinos are strong, bunnies are calm, deer are wild, lions are brave, and birds have wings. God then created a beast he called Pegasus. The hills still didn’t grow, valleys didn’t stoop, and plains didn’t stretch. God destroyed Pegasus. God thought, “Pegasus was a magnificent animal. God took the bravery, wildness, calmness, and strength from Pegasus and created a new animal. God asked the valleys, “Why are you not stooping towards the earth?” The Valleysreplyed, “The creature doesn’t fly towards me.” God said, “I made Pegasus and you didn’t stoop.” The valleysreplyed, “Pegasus was always flying over me he never took time to graze on my grass.” God went back to work he took the creature and gave it stamina so it could fly down the hill and on to the valleys. God placed the creature on the hill, and the hill grew. The creature flew towards the valley and the valley stooped towards the earth. The creature walked towards the plains and the plains stretched. God saw his work and made more creatures just like this one but the hills stopped growing. God asked the hills, “Why are you not growing?” The hillsreplyed, “You made this magnificent creature but it has no name. God thought and finally said, “This creature which makes the hills grow, valleys stoop, and plains stretch tall shall be called Horse!” The hills became happy again. The horse roamed the hills, valleys, and plains, wild, brave, calm, strong, and with stamina that helped the horse fly.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because my friend and I was having an argument over how the horse was created and this is my version.

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