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You and I

November 11, 2011
By Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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I sat across from you in history and science. When you came to my school I couldn’t believe it. It was really you, prince charming in person. Your perfect brown eyes and your straight brown hair.

“You’re crazy Naomi, I’m sorry, but a guy like that probably isn’t going to fall for you as easy as you would think,”

“Thanks for having faith in my dreams Liz,” I picked up my books as the bell rang for the next class.

“Naomi, be realistic,”

“I don’t want to be Liz, trust me, you didn’t think Damon would ask you out and he did,”

“I know, speaking of my crazy boyfriend, I get to go to Santa Barbara with him tonight, we get to spend three days there with his dad,”

“Your mom is letting you go?”

“Yeah, because I’m staying in the guest house in the backyard well at least at night, so you’ll be on your own this weekend.” I nodded parting from Liz.

“Text me this weekend though Nay,” I nodded. Science was the next class. My table was made up of all the “good looking people” Bella Rose, Tina Turner, Isaac Nelson, Grayson Turner, and Martin Roberts.

“Awe here’s Naomi,” Bella smiled walking over to me, her perfectly straight hair didn’t budge.

“What did I do?”

“Martin wanted to ask you something,” Tina cooed as Isaac pushed up the guy of my dreams.

“Seriously Is?”

“Dude,” Grayson smiled holding out his hand.

“Will you go out with me tonight, Naomi?” I nodded walking over to him.

“Yes,” I whispered in his ear, the second bell rang and I sat down. As the teacher was talking I took out my old cell phone that I was getting upgraded today.
Lindsey Ortega:

Liz you would never guess OMG!

I shut my phone quietly as Mr. Labelle finished roll call.

“Naomi Zemendur?”

“Good afternoon Mr. Labelle,”

“Always a pleasure Naomi,” I smiled at my science teacher. I saw the light on my phone come out from my pocket when Mr. Labelle stepped out of the classroom.

What happened, I’m dying to know! Is it good or bad? Did he ask you out? Did Mr. Labelle fall of a cliff wait no Mrs. Taylor?

I smiled hitting reply on my phone.
Lindsey Ortega:


I hit send putting away my phone under my binder flap. The rest of class went as normal except for my daydreaming about Martin walking me home, giving me my first kiss. The bell rang for us to go home, Martin caught me walking out the door.

“You don’t have to go out with me just for Bella and Tina’s sake,”

“You don’t like me do you?”

“I just didn’t want you to feel any pressure,”

“Sure you’re worried about me?” I laughed walking out the door.

“Come on I like you Naomi, I just didn’t want you to think it was all their idea,”

“I like you a lot more than I should Martin Roberts, ask me again and the answer will be the same,”

“Fine, will you go out to McDonalds with me tonight?”


“What if I took you to a total dump,”

“Fine have it your way this never happened,”

“Fine, we can go to the lake,”

“Tonight, sure since it’s Friday,”

“I mean tomorrow,”

“Sure,” I walked away; I could feel his gaze watch me turn the corner out of his sight. I pulled back my brown hair that came down a little bit past my shoulders so I could see my lock to my locker more clearly. I remembered, Liz probably texted me back.

“You don’t have to check your messages now Nay, I can’t believe he asked you out!”

“Yeah I know,” I smiled at Liz, she was style dressed out for gym, her blonde hair still up in pigtails, her Cam high shirt on along with the shorts. I stuffed my large binder and my math book into my black backpack and zipped it up, slamming my locker after as hard as I could before locking it.

“You don’t seem to thrilled,”

“I have a feeling he doesn’t want me to go to the lake with him this Saturday,”


“He told me not to even bother,”


“Well Bella, Tina, Grayson, and Isaac kind of put him up to it,”

“Wow, but you are still leaving out a key part, you are still going with him to the lake right?”

“Yes, because I told him I would, I have a feeling he doesn’t like me,”

“Did he blush, or look flush when he asked you?”

“Yeah he looked like he didn’t want to do it at all,”

“He likes you, trust me Nay,” I smiled getting up from where my locker was. We talked about Martin and Damon all the way home. It helped that we lived on the same street and had houses right next to each other.

“Hi Naomi,” I smiled at my older sister.

“Hey Lacy,”

“You seem rather happy, so does Liz, but Liz always has that look on her face,”

“Says you,” Liz rolled her eyes going to the refrigerator getting out some milk.

“Martin asked my out today,” I smiled opening up the pantry to get some cookies.

“I knew he would, I just knew it, where are you going?”

“We are going to the lake tomorrow,”

“What time?”

“I’ll call him, he put his home phone number in the school address book,”

“Make sure you don’t call a weird person Naomi,” Lacy warned as I walked up stairs with Oreo Cookies in hand.

“Sure I won’t call Donny,” I smirked knowing my sister was getting steamed at my words.

“Go before I have to file for a missing person, or two,” Her eyes followed Liz as she walked past.

I called Martin twice, the second time he answered and said that I couldn’t call him on his house phone because his aunt was living in the house and she’ll call the cops next time, the other thing was, he would pick me up in the morning.

Liz went home late that night because we were talking about our plans, our hopes, and last our dreams.

As morning came around I got dressed and ready and waited outside. A mini van came around the corner, stopping at my house.

“Morning Naomi,” Martin smiled getting out of the back.

“Morning Martin,”

“Sorry, I tried to get my brother to drive us, but my dad insisted, um…my little sisters are here too along with my little brother,” I nodded sitting in the back with Martin. He put his arm around me. I looked at him.

“How far to the lake,”

“To far to be in the back of a mini van with my annoying siblings, I’m sorry,”

“No need, we will be at the lake soon,”

“You are more optimistic than I thought,” I smiled putting my head on his shoulder.

“Love bugs!” His dad sounded as we turned the corner. “We are here,” All of the doors opened; soon they were closed with all the children running after them. Martin got out first, then helped my down, since his van was like a van on steroids.

We walked around the lake for hours talking. We were in the water and out of the water. As the kids were getting packed up I stood by the water alone. Suddenly I felt his hands on my shoulders. A breeze ran through making my flower dress stream back. My shoes were damp but bearable. I turned.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend Naomi?”


“Then kiss me,” I leaned forward, one foot tilted forward on the toe. Time seemed to stop as the red umbrella shielded our faces from the outside world. I put my arms over his neck, one of his hands rested on my waste as our lips touched.

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