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October 26, 2007
By Anonymous

What was it about Jason that made Darcy feel so... so... the feeling was simply indescribable. Darcy detested him. He was loud and presumptuous. He caused trouble in class. Yet, he was funny sometimes. He knew so many things. Why was it that whenever she was around Jason she was filled with both a sense of annoyance and a want to be closer?
Darcy struggled to solve the last equation on the page as the room erupted into a chaotic din. Twenty-one times twelve plus four plus five plus six etcetera, etcetera. The numbers disappeared into the noise. They floated back and forth between Darcy’s mind and something else until they no longer made any sense. Multiply, divide, add, subtract, fractions, integers. Riiiiinnnngggg.The bell put an end to all thoughts of math.
Darcy gathered her things and headed to the hall. She was free now. Free from math, free from school, and free from Jason for the weekend. Left, down the stairs, left, right down to the end of the hall, grab the combination lock. Left 10, right, pass 45, right 45, left 27. She pulled down on the lock and it opened, swinging away from the locker door. She pulled a book, a folder, a notebook, and her planner free from the mess that sat upon her locker’s shelf. Into her bag they went, ready to sit there until Sunday night. Darcy grabbed her lunch box and slammed her locker shut.
The hallway was filled with people as Darcy walked towards the door. School was over and the weekend was here. She wouldn’t have to deal with Jason until Monday morning, but that would come all too soon. She stepped outside, shielding her eyes from the harsh sun.
As she walked down the sidewalk to her bus a boy came whizzing by her on a bike. Darcy dropped her lunch box as she sidestepped out of the way. Jason: annoying, uncouth, incredibly obnoxious. Jason pushed back on his bike’s pedals and screeched to a stop.
“Sorry about that!” he said as he leapt off his bike and bent down to retrieve Darcy’s lunchbox, “Here you go. See you on Monday, Darcy.”
He climbed back on his bike and sped off without looking back. Darcy starred after him longingly. Jason: civil, humorous, incredibly indescribable.

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