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Kissing Coffins

June 19, 2009
By XTwistedAliceX SILVER, Etobicoke, Other
XTwistedAliceX SILVER, Etobicoke, Other
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I woke up in a coffin, that’s were my story begins. One night, at the stroke of midnight I awoke in a warm coffin, lined with silk and warm padding. I crawled out, completely lost and oblivious to the new world I was tossed into. I left the old abandoned building, and wandered the streets that eventually became Manhattan. I don’t know how I got there, or if I had been there before. All I knew was that I smelled something warm and fresh and that my body craved it. I wondered aimlessly for hours under the artificial lights. I realized I was wearing a blue plaid skirt with combat boots and a ripped band t-shirt that showed my trimmed stomach in the beaming light of the moon. I learned this look was called rocker, especially with all the bracelets on my wrist and all the necklaces I wore. My black raven hair shined like a million midnight suns as if flowed to the small of my back with a small braid at the side. My skin pale as a corpse, lips the same colour of a rose petal.

The moon became covered with black clouds that released a purifying rain. I danced in a place I learned to be Central Park around the Alice in Wonderland statue. I looked up and the moon reappeared then out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow. I turned and I saw it, a mystical wolf on a stone gazing at me. It started to run to me and I began to run under the moon and rain when I realized something was missing. I froze when I realized what it was; my heart wasn’t racing like it should. I hear it coming still and run, like a little girl in a red cape in a forest bringing goodies to her grandmother when I trip on the root of a tree. I turn around and the wolf stopped running and walked toward me. It stopped in front of me and sat gazing at me with its piercing eyes with wet raven fur. I flinched when it came closer but froze; it bent its head down. I thought I was a goner. It dropped a small amulet in my lap. A silver chain with a blue stone attached. Thunder roared through the sky and for a moment I swore the wolf’s eyes were human. Then a bolt lightning hit a tree, the wolf disappeared with me on the ground in Manhattan with a little blue stone.

A man my age appeared a few moment later, showed me the amulet I held in my hand and showed me his. He picked me up and brought me to a loft and showed me everything in there and told me it was mine. He gave me a purse with ID and keys, all the necessities I would need. It was made to match the look I shined when I appeared from the stars. Completely lost I had no idea what he was talking about. He brought me to a room full of black and crimson. The windows held thick black curtains the sheets were silk and crimson. This was to be my secret quarters; he left a leather journal and told me to read it as he gave me a cell phone. I asked him who was doing this; he smiled and shook his head before leaving.

I came accustomed to this, but I still had the hunger. On the fourth night another boy came back, he said he was sent to watch over me. He showed me his ID; I was to tell people that he was a family member. He had asked if I had read the journal yet, I said no and he gave me a red capsule. He told me it would make my eyes go back to normal; they were a darker shade of violet then usual. I took the capsule and the hunger went away within moments and my body felt at peace. He gave me a bottle of them and told me to take one each day. I asked why and he said it would help. I helped him move his things in and we went out to lunch and he showed me around. He told me I would be safe with anyone that has the same amulet as us, but if someone with a red one appeared to avoid them. I asked why and he said complications. This is when I knew I was on the run from the shadows of the night and running into the arms of a faceless savior.

The author's comments:
I started one late night. My fingers hit the keys and this is what came out.

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on Jul. 2 2009 at 4:22 am
xXxFallingTearsxXx GOLD, Cottonwood, Idaho
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This is a cool story! i really like the last sentence for some reason. great job!