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Snow MAG

By Anonymous

   Closing my geometry book, I looked out the second story window. I could see a few snowflakes drifting toward the ground. They certainly didn't look like they were in a hurry. Once they finished their journey to Earth, they sat on the ground looking uneasy, and then disappeared as they melted.

It certainly had been cold enough the past month for snow, and now finally it had started. The quiet and peace amazed me, especially because it was the first snow of the year.

The pace of the snowflakes quickened and when they hit the ground, they no longer seemed to melt. The snow made the pace of life seem slower. It was relaxing to just sit and watch the beauty of Mother Nature, and not think of all the homework I had to do.

The flakes of snow were starting to get bigger, which usually means in a few moments the snow will stop. Gradually less and less snow was falling from the clouds. Almost as quickly as it had started, the first snow of the year had stopped. All that was left was a thin covering of white with November colors, rust, mustard and bronze poking through.

I watched out the window a few more minutes to make sure the snow really had stopped. Finally accepting that the squall was over, I turned my attention back to my homework. It wasn't nearly as much fun as watching the snow. n

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i love this !